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  1. Hey I downloaded the game on steam yesterday on steam and my first lap I got this terrible stuttering whilst cornering. it seems to keep flicking back to a certain frame in the middle of the corner then finally lets go once out of the corner making it unplayable. Have tried every graphics setting possible. System specs: cpu: 4930k (stock clocks for this) mobo: Asus rIV black GPU: 3x gtx titan black at 1250mhz (run at 960 for this game) mem: 16gb corsair dominator platinum 2133 win 8.1   I havnt seen anyone with my exact problem, I tried disabling sli and ran it off one card and still the same exact problem.  I recorded one lap of melbourne to show exactly what is happening.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySqtui8LD7c&feature=youtu.be I am using a ps3 controller with motioninjoy, could that be an issue?  Any help is much appreciated.
  2. @iceman  awesome man  ill check that out. I think I have seen that one. Looks expensive ☺ 
  3. I did what iceman suggested and prone solved thanks very much iceman153!  Put all 4 view buttons to my keyboard and now no problem. Hope it works for you.
  4. That's makes a lot of sense. I'll check when I get home. Yea a wheel is definitely coming. Not sure what one to get. What's the favourite? Like the thrustmaster 500rs I think it is? Or is the g 27 fine?