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  1. Never Mind... Figured it out. Problem was between the chair and the desk!
  2. I may be missing something simple here, but is it not possible to have two single player career - One as My Team the other as Career mode going at the same time? I had started a career season (after F2) with Williams, then created another one for My Team and the original is gone. I used to have that going in F1 2020.
  3. Same with the F2 2019 now also in championship and career modes. Something happened to the F2 graphics - garages, sponsor boards, distance markers, pit wall, etc. This seems to have occurred after the 1.14 update adding F2 2020.
  4. Question 1: For anyone who has finished a career season, I presume that the double points system is enabled at Abu-Dabi? Question 2: I keep wanting to verify but always forget to – Do you start the race on the Q2 tires? New rule this year that an extra set is available for Q3, but you start on your Q2 set from which you set your fastest time. Is this enabled?
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