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  1. It is July 18, 2019 a couple of days after Patch 1.05. The game crashed after 48 minutes of practice and qualifying on an on-line league...while transitioning to the start. By the time I could restart the game, I could not get back into my league race for this week(Tuesday). Yesterday, 64 minutes into Friday Practice 1 on my first career race of the season, after achieving purple in 5 of the development programs, the game crashes and I lose all of my progress. I have had the digital version of Codemasters F1 games since 2013(except '15, I knew it would be a waste of time after '14). This is the only version that has ever crashed. Ever! It crashes at least everyday. Right now I have steam overlay turned off and can verify that the crashes are happening during streaming(twitch,Fb,YT) using GeForce Experience. Both NVIDIA and GeForce drivers are up to date as of this week. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello, F1 as the title states is still crashing on PC. It simply just quits without any debugging or crash report. Also, the photo being very dark is still not fixed although it wasn't mentioned in the fix. Basically, if I chose a shutter setting other than 1/8000s the image is very very dark and unusable. And third, the rule states that fuel load in F2 is locked, however, I cannot actively change fuel mixture while on track. There is no indication what is lean or rich. I end my race with more than 4+ laps of fuel. Have these been addressed or are the fixes still to come?
  3. Mars023

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    Lap times in each session should be similar to real life. Right now time trial are sometimes 15 to 20 seconds faster that in reality. It makes me think that someone is able to cheat the system. I would like to be able to save replays. The whole session in each session. I stream and broadcast so in order for me to create content after a 100% race, I have to watch and record manually the replay using other software. It doubles the time that I spend with the game. I have to allot 4 hours for each race at one time. -very important. There are still graphical glitches. Even though the weather system is most realistic among racing games, sometimes the game stops or stutters during gameplay in heavy rain. I have to turn down my graphics settings even though I can run at 60fps under Ultra settings. Its 2019, it is still hard to find online races in North America. All of my bandwidth is wasted as I have no one to race against. Can you sneak in the Malaysia track? Just for giggles. Last but not least, I would like more movement in the helmet cam. More "look to apex" so I see the mirrors. Also, Tilt during turning. Physics. Don't let me desire to play other games. The physics engines in other games are more detailed. I know it can be done in the F1 title. Give us that option to turn it all the way "ON"
  4. Mars023

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    I've been playing F1 since before Codemasters. Now with character development, I'd like to see Asian driver characters in the game!!!! There are currently various races and sexes but no Asians for whatever reason. I don't believe there has ever been a black woman in an F1 car or career but there are several in the game. In the history of the sport, there have been several Asian that were fielded for multiple seasons. Why are there no Asians. One of the engine manufacturers is Japanese. There is not even a Japanese character in the game. Please fix this. Secondly and most importantly, you have to allow for the user to scale up the force feedback(more detail). You are losing a lot of players and playtime to other games that can only imitate F1 because they don't have the license. If you can do this, they may never go anywhere else.