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  1. @Faya that's a shame to hear because I think most can agree that F1 2013 was at least the second best F1 game to date behind F1 2017, if not the best F1 game, everything about the main game itself was great, plus the classic cars. And if it was backwards compatible then it would give us the ability to switch between F1 '17 and F1 '13 to play with all the classic cars in the F1 games. I would suggest looking into it because I think a lot of us would appreciate being able to play that F1 game again on a new console as it was a classic.

  2. Hi @Faya,

    Just wondering, what's the situation with old F1 games being compatible on the newer consoles. For example, F1 2014 is backwards compatible and I can play it on the Xbox One, but It's probably most people's least favorite F1 game. Is there any chance we'll see F1 2013 or F1 2012 backwards compatible in the future? 
    (Please for the love of god do F1 2013, especially for the classic cars) 

  3. So I think i've seen someone else have a similar problem, but there's now a glitch where the AI won't go onto wet tyres when the track becomes wet due to rain, they will pit over and over again but will keep going onto dry tyres. This happened to me in a career mode race, i'm not sure if it happens outside career mode but you really need to look into this codemasters. Completely ruined a really great race I was having. I haven't been on the game over christmas but it didnt happen before then so i'm not sure if this is due to one of the updates you've recently brought in which has caused an error in the game.

    Please do something about this, despite some bugs overall this game is really good to play but this has changed it completely 

  4. There's a bug with it though where the points standings at the of a championship change completely randomly, I just finished doing a spec racing championship and I won but at the end someone just magically got an extra 50 points and beat me to it and I finished fourth. And yes I do know the final race in that specific game mode is double points but his points got quadruple and beat me by a huge margin.

  5. For all those people going on about the team mate not getting the engine upgrades. are you sure that's the case. Because I think it might well just be the fact you're using a custom setup which allows you to go faster in a straight line and in general compared to your team mate, remember all the ai are using a default setup which can be a lot slower. I might be wrong but I feel a lot of people are forgetting this, what do you guys think?

  6. @johnboy I also see youtubers such as tiametmarduk, who aren't very clean drivers at all, have a huge reputation by the end of a season, whereas mine would just jump straight to zero. 
    For my mclaren career, it first happened when I finished the race at spain, when the reputation changes came up after the race, they were all fine. I then quit my career mode before going to the next weekend. When I next came back into career mode all the driver rivalry, resource points and reputation details came up again, I then went to the reputation chart on the laptop and they had all gone down, after literally doing nothing

  7. Thanks @johnboy83 , you're very right, but I'm not a scrappy driver at all, I treat the AI like real life people and race fairly, plus when your rep goes down it's supposed to show you how far down with a red line starting from where your rep was before for the specific team, whereas mine will go all the way down without showing me the red line. Also, when it shows me how much its moved from each team after qualifying or a race, I will then go onto the lap top to see that it's moved itself again, even after literally just opening a laptop

  8. So I have this awful glitch where my reputation will go down to zero, usually if I don't meet a target, but it can also happen randomly after any session, practice qualifying and the race. I can understand my reputation going down with some teams if I don't meet a target or something happens in a session like contact and dirty driving, but for nothing to happen after a practice session and see my reputation go down on all the teams is ridiculous.

    This also means my career mode is ruined, I did a full 100% season with Toro Rosso finishing in the top 10 and way above my team mate. I didn't get any offers mid-season, nor did I at the end of the season.
    This glitch is ruining career mode for me, which is otherwise outstanding.
    Please Please fix this is issue codies.
    Second time round, currently with McLaren, same problem.