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  1. Why we can't change menu controls??? Last f1 2019 I had decent controls but now I can't use my old settings because this f1 2020 now have my pause button to my previous increase Fuel mix in f1 2019... 

    I use a TS-PC Racer and currently my pause button is on 8... I would rather have it on 13 which is a press button instead of a button you turn up and down perfect for fuel increase and decrease...

    THRUSTMASTER TS-PC RACER (TS PC Racer) Rim Only (Wheel Only ...


  2. We need a Ai level determination for each race. No one want to be 5 seconds ahead or behind. This option could be inside time trial and based on your time the game give you a estimation Ai level and during your practice session in my career or my team the game could give you a Ai level estimation based with your time and team mate time.

  3. 4 hours ago, Furbii said:

    You can't take conclusions after just one race, and the next race is on the same circuit lol. It will need a few races to make the performance chart.

    Yea Max finished third on championship in 2019 in front both ferrari..

  4. Redbull was already ahead of ferrari last year. I expected Redbull to be ahead at the release. Give us a option to change Team stats instead we have to wait 1 month every time..

  5. I don't know how they record the sound but if we check a driver using a driver's eye in real life the sound is identical to in game. Sadly the sound is very bad compared to tv pod. If you want realistic they got it right .. Since most player play on tv pod we should have the sound of tv pod instead of the inside cockpit sound.


  6. 6 hours ago, GioProductions said:

    Hey, did you try to use the Shortcuts options in the gameSettings? You can assign 2 buttons for ERS. One for increase of ERS and one for decrease of ERS. This way you don't have to scroll up and down the MFD for ERS. I use a wheel, but if im correct, you can use the shortcuts also with a pad. Try that and let me/us know.

    Pain in the ass  to go from none to hotlap or hotlap to none you have to spamm the button brainless and loss focus on your driving this is frustrating when you have to change ERS on every corner cause most of time just kepting medium just doesnt work and run out of ERS cause your car doenst have upgrade in ERS and when you do 50%-100% race is quite a pain to manage ERS for over a hour. I don't think codemaster play their game multiple hours to see  how ERS is bad for the game, Is just multi tasking and losing the main goal of the game wich is racing.

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  7. ERS is unrealistic right now and a pain in the ass if you want to be competitive and automatic is completely useless ; using random ERS.

    This is how automatic ERS should work like in real life. You have pre determined point where you can choose between none to hotlap and Overtake  is a separated button that you activate yourself like in real life. In this game you will have the map of the track in your setup where you can choose which ERS you want to use at different location on the track. During the race you only have to use Overtake when needed but you need to make sure your setup you made is able to charge enought ERS to be able use Overtake so you have a lot of customization possible.


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