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  1. I would love to see in my team the chance to recrute past driver like Alonso, Villeneuve, Rosberg, Hakkinen, Schumacher for example.
  2. Punition

    1.10+ patch wishes

    Start with something simple like realistic engine sound ;copy pasta real life, codemaster is working with F1 should be no problem and option to disable driver transfer....
  3. ERS is unrealistic right now and a pain in the ass if you want to be competitive and automatic is completely useless ; using random ERS. This is how automatic ERS should work like in real life. You have pre determined point where you can choose between none to hotlap and Overtake is a separated button that you activate yourself like in real life. In this game you will have the map of the track in your setup where you can choose which ERS you want to use at different location on the track. During the race you only have to use Overtake when needed but you need to make sure your setup you made is able to charge enought ERS to be able use Overtake so you have a lot of customization possible.
  4. Punition

    Race start

    Fix your assits --"
  5. They are not masters in coding for sure....
  6. Punition

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    How do you expect they fix your wishes list if they can't even copy pasta real life engine sound when they are working with F1 itselft. 2 years to create this game and the base of the game is not even working. Codemaster is ball ****.
  7. why haas is better than mclaren and renault lol that a joke.
  8. Pain in the ass to go from none to hotlap or hotlap to none you have to spamm the button brainless and loss focus on your driving this is frustrating when you have to change ERS on every corner cause most of time just kepting medium just doesnt work and run out of ERS cause your car doenst have upgrade in ERS and when you do 50%-100% race is quite a pain to manage ERS for over a hour. I don't think codemaster play their game multiple hours to see how ERS is bad for the game, Is just multi tasking and losing the main goal of the game wich is racing.
  9. Such a waste of time to release this game without the right performance for each teams EVERY ******* YEAR!!! Took 2 years to make this game and working with f1 itself and can't even have authentic engine sound and realistic ERS. You can't start a career with ****** pre season performance and randomly change it 1 month later. Mclaren is bottom team right when they are top 4 in 2019. If I start a career with mclaren and the patch hit my car is gonna be a top team and not see my progress during a season....
  10. Punition

    Thoughts after 1 seasons in career

    All i can say about your car performance is you are not doing any practice program and this were you gain all your upgrade mostly with team goals. I just finished canada grandprix and I have about the same upgrade as you and currently behind redbull in car performance and I am running mclaren too.
  11. Punition

    I need help with difficulty

    It is slower I ended up p1 during quali on wet during my first season on canada with mclaren lol...
  12. Can we have a program to find your AI level for each track? Everyone know we do not have the same pace on each race.. My point is sometime I have to drop 10 Ai level or rise by 5 depending on the track and it is time consuming to find that Ai level. On career mode is pretty hard to find that perfect ai level just to stay arround your team mate I just don't want to start p6 when I should be 12 and you can't even change your AI level during a session you have to leave and change...