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  1. There no reason to update car performance if they dont update the driver stats. Vettel with 92 pace yea sure, he never make it to q3 and rarely q2... Codemaster to scared to put a driver in the 70 or 60 stats for pace and racecraft to space out driver instead they are all bunched together in the 80 with a difference of 1 stats..

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  2. 4 hours ago, Furbii said:

    You can't take conclusions after just one race, and the next race is on the same circuit lol. It will need a few races to make the performance chart.

    Yea Max finished third on championship in 2019 in front both ferrari..

  3. I don't know how they record the sound but if we check a driver using a driver's eye in real life the sound is identical to in game. Sadly the sound is very bad compared to tv pod. If you want realistic they got it right .. Since most player play on tv pod we should have the sound of tv pod instead of the inside cockpit sound.


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