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    Can F1 2015 be close to Project Cars

    And some guys have the audacity to say that the CM forum is pointless and useless. Nonsense! If it wasn't for this forum you wouldn't have considered pCars! :smiley:  This is true, and I was going to wait for F12015, but saw P Cars in sainsburys this morning. Now I'm struggling to watch qualifying because all I want to do is play P Cars
  2. Gavlarrr1978

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    I have disagreed because I have already asked if the 3 practice sessions are available in the other modes, and it has been confirmed that you can only have the 3 sessions in Pro Season mode only. I directly asked @TheLeeMather Correct, 3 practice sessions in Pro only. Championship mode will have one practice session that you pre determine the length of.  Some will say "just restart the session so you have 3", but they are missing the point. We want to be immersed in the race weekend, feel the track evolve through the sessions, different weather in different sessions. Like we did in F1 2010 and 2011. The series felt soulless after that.  I'm still approaching F1 2015 with an open mind, like @justbiglee  has said, do not think of this as a continuation from Batman and Robin, think of it as Batman Begins. 
  3. Gavlarrr1978

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    I agree to an extent, I have no problem playing as an existing driver. I love the sound of this Pro Season mode, and will have a go, but I know now I will struggle with all assist off. What is really frustrating is those of us not capable of driving all assist off will have to 'make do' with championship mode, we won't have all practice sessions and it will lack the immersion the community have been screaming for since F1 2012
  4. Gavlarrr1978

    Announcing F1 2015

    From what I read it sounds like all 3 practice sessions are in Pro Season only, and will not be in championship mode. Is that right?
  5. Gavlarrr1978

    Announcing F1 2015

    Is there any information about what wheels are supported for the new game (Xbox one)?  Just bought the console, wheel is next on my list. 
  6. Gavlarrr1978

    Announcing F1 2015

    THIS ^  Completely aggree. The handling improved but the soul of the game died from '12 onwards. I hope there will be a decent career mode in F12015, with all the immersion of the first two games. 
  7. Gavlarrr1978

    The BUG Thread

    Strange one I've noticed this weekend and tested again today. Xbox 360, career mode, when saving midsession, after the save sound effects (tyre screech, rumble over curbs) are muted, even if I reload the save. When I go to options menu and adjust the sound levels the 'Effects' slider clicking noise is muted. I have to turn off the console and reload the mid session save to get the sound back.
  8. Gavlarrr1978

    Difference between qualifying pace and race pace

    Yep, I experience this too, had it with F12013 also. I tend to practice and qualify on Pro and drop down to intermediate to race. Currently driving the Williams in career, usually qualify between 8th and 3rd, usually finish between 6th and 3rd.  I didn't have this problem with the first three games which I qualified and raced on pro, just 2013 and 2014.  I just assumed it was me not so good at driving with the better handling in the recent games.
  9. Gavlarrr1978

    What I would like to see in F1 2015 and beyond.

    I pretty much play only career mode, definitely want the full weekend to return & the whole 'live the life' aspect the first two games had. it would be great if my engineer/garage could give me an indication of what the race tyre strategy might be between practice and qualy so I don't use up all the tyres trying to get a decent grid position 
  10. Gavlarrr1978

    The BUG Thread

    Apologies if this has already been brought up, in dry weather under braking it's impossible to lock up the tyres. All assists off, xbox 360 with wheel.