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  1. Would be great if possible to add the realistic Speedmeter / Revcounter to the game.. Specially if you are playing in tcam s.. I personally i use cockpit view and i would love it if Codemasters give us the Halo Hud when playing from the cockpit.. Tcam s too would be helpful
  2. CarlosSantos87

    Can we get some number customization options?

    That would be awesome.. I agree 🆙🆙
  3. CarlosSantos87

    Monaco gamepad

    Mate put 10 values of Linearity in steering throttle and braking and add 5 values of Saturation only in steering in the controller options.. Try these settings and After give some Feedback about
  4. CarlosSantos87

    F1 2019 - Alternatives for controllers (PS4)

    Try my controller settings mate.. They are much clooser to the "reality" feeling and i had spent how most 3 weeks in tunning them.. After trying them please give some Feedback about
  5. CarlosSantos87

    "optimal" controller calibration/settings?

    I think the value of steering deadzone is a little higher and should be more softer.. Like 5 i think its more than enough.. The others you can tune according your feeling and driving style.. Have to keep in mind that these values interfeers in type or kind of camera you are using.. If you use cockpit view excellent but if you are using the T Cam you will have to tune some of these values to match against your driving style and feeling of the car aswell..
  6. CarlosSantos87

    "optimal" controller calibration/settings?

    The welcome mate 🆙🆙.. I am glad to be helpful and to see my contribution for improving your game immersion and fun aswell.. You can turning off the assists gradually and After some testing testing and more testing sessions you will be much more faster and will be a lot more fun playing it without braking aids.. I usually depending of Car setup i should brake immediatly After 100 meters box before the turn.. Some turns i can brake later others i have to brake a little earlyer.. But that only is achievable with a alot of practice and testing
  7. CarlosSantos87

    F1 2019 Xbox One controller

    Yes you can mate.. I have my shortcuts of mfd settings in this way.. I unbind 1st all settings for the right stick analog.. After i use ERS increase analog stick up ERS decrease analog stick down.. And for fuel mix i use analog stick left to decrease and analog stick right to increase fuel mix..
  8. CarlosSantos87

    "optimal" controller calibration/settings?

    Please After testing my settings give some Feedback about.. That way we are helping everyone that could have some issues with the controllers / pads
  9. CarlosSantos87

    "optimal" controller calibration/settings?

    I use some different specs because the Gameplay changes a little beetween both Modes.. And because with the game patches i had to adapt the settings for these values
  10. CarlosSantos87

    Lee Mather Responds to Scanned Tracks

    Finally someone who shares my thinking 🙏🙏
  11. CarlosSantos87

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    Totally agree with you mate.. But we have to congratulate Codemasters for seeing to me a big improvement in Engine Sounds
  12. CarlosSantos87

    Monaco hairpin

    The welcome mate.. Tell me what settings you Did like more and what was your biggest difference noted
  13. CarlosSantos87

    Monaco hairpin

    Did you try the settings? Give your Feedback please
  14. CarlosSantos87

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    Whats is causing this lack in F1 Games from Codemasters is the much more Sim Handling and immersion of realistic feeling of the car.. this is what is missing a lot in the game.. ONLY.. And improving a Online Mode Penalty System
  15. CarlosSantos87

    Monaco hairpin

    Very well explained Mate 😃😃.. Its the recommended technique.. That way you gain 0.2 sec per lap.. "slow in fast out" rule ever