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  1. CarlosSantos87

    How do you break your limits?

    I get it mate.. well to be honest with you in my case What's was the key for my improvement in global ways was the improvement and training my consistency.. I done a lot of training and training and training.. i learn to be calm when Racing.. not trying to recover when I lost a position in track but I learned to make pressure to the opponent and wait for my opportunity to pass him or she again.. I done some races in real world in an Formula Renault Car and I had learned a lot.. I was able to create a similar real FOV and that was an big improvement for my Racing when gamming.. but you can t compare both things because they are so much different.. a game or a Sim its still a game or a Sim.. the real world is the real world.. so answering at your question I think that if you can improve your consistency first then your speed and ability will arrive after but for that you need to spend a lot of time training and tweaking
  2. CarlosSantos87

    How do you break your limits?

    Well mate.. let's go for parts. 1st let me told you you have an amazing equipment for Racing Sims/ games.. that's a good start.. some or a lot of us myself included we haven't a system like yours.. 2nd you maybe i recommend you to start looking and trying other approaches.. like for example.. you can start doing a little tweaking minimum in your Car Setups and doing a lot of Testing Testing and Testing.. Testing and Practice its the key of everything in our live.. 3rd try tweaking and fining your wheel to optimal performance and settings.. an amazing Force Feedback config makes an huge difference.. 4th Studying your opponents Driving style.. do some recorded clips and loose some Time studying them.. 5th Invest in YouTube others vids and from the"Pros" believe in me that will allow you to learn or adapt your Driving style or your Car Setups aswell.. 6th Check your Camera Settings and your FOV.. setting an excellent FOV you can easily increase your lap Times in 0.5 sec or more in some cases.. So I hope that helps 😉
  3. CarlosSantos87

    My Team Livery Ideas

    I love your Lotus and Audi e Tron liveries mate. I use the same layout of you but I am creating or trying one golden livery mixed with Black and Red because of my Engine Supplier Manufactor from Honda
  4. CarlosSantos87

    F2 2020 info

    We have to be aware and to keep in mind that this current season in F2 we have the new rims aswell.. this cause modelling work in Carshapes formulas of the cars.. so these thinks causes a lot of work and testing because of the new physycs that this rims and Tyres will cause.. so all of us we have to be a lot patient and wait for the final release
  5. CarlosSantos87

    Aston Martin F1 Livery?

    According with some rumours of the upcoming Aston Martin livery in F1 next season exists a few rubbish pappers that had been refused because there wasn't too much present the Pink colour in them.. so I guess that will be some kind of British Green with Pink colour at majority of the car.. ONLY My guess
  6. CarlosSantos87

    Always Slowest Car on Straights

    Well mate check some features.. check your current wear values in Engine Components 1st.. sorry before that check your sliders when you press throttle and Brake in the Controllers main menu calibration settings.. after check the Engine wear values and finally when setting up your Car don't put less than 3 ride height in front and rear..I think that your issue are in the ride height settings
  7. CarlosSantos87

    Please Help

    If you ignored some posts when the explanation about you have to do and the right way for it I recommend you to restart a new My Team Carreer. You don't loose too much since you are only in 1st season
  8. Yeah absolutely agreed 😊.. The Option of choosing and signing a Reserve Drivers is an excellent Idea.. Would be Great for us to be able to swap drivers depending of their respective performance in the middle of the season.. for example if some of them are unperfoming as expected we could replace with the reserve at the end of the season
  9. CarlosSantos87

    Favorite Classic Car

    91 Jordan and 92 Williams are my favourite.. if I could put another other in the game i would pick the 93 Lotus.. My favourite Car of All Times and the Livery was beautiful.. speaking about liveries the 1996 Golden Version of Jordan was the best F1 Livery so far
  10. CarlosSantos87

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Not exactly mate.. remember when Haas entered in F1 they had been the 4th strongest Team of the field in their debut season.. so you can t compare and saying that.. the update on Engines specially in Ferrari s okay I agree.. only
  11. CarlosSantos87

    Engine Supplier invitation from Partnership with my Team?

    This is really interesting.. have to be some way an explanation about.. but all the answers make all the sense.. and are all good ones.. I will try what I think that could be.. I am currently in the begging of season 5 and I am with Tatiana Calderon as my Team mate since the beginning of My Team Carreer.. I will sign an high rated driver and will see if that cause the possibility to be invited for one Engine Supplier..
  12. CarlosSantos87

    Engine Supplier invitation from Partnership with my Team?

    I think that happens when you are in an Weaker Engine Supplier Manufactor.. I had won the Constructors World Championship with Mercedes Engines.. for that reason I haven't been invited.. I think that works for that way.. Maybe if I were with Honda or Renault Suppliers maybe the invitation would appear
  13. Welcome back Nelly and I am Portuguese 😀😀.. agree with you would be awesome we can sign old/retired drivers for our Career mode
  14. CarlosSantos87

    Engine Supplier invitation from Partnership with my Team?

    That's awesome.. have happened with you? When that occurs exactly?
  15. Hi everyone. I am currently finishing season 4 in My Team mode and I saw Somewhere that it's possible to be invited from one Engine Supplier Manufactor to do Partnership with my Team.. Somewhere between the last part of the season just before to press the button of finish season.. seems that some people had happened that.. they simply received an email where says.. someone can confirm that it's true or it is some kind of mod installed in the game?