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  1. CarlosSantos87


    I Saw your vid ONLY the Highlights and i think that you have to bright it a lot more mate.. well done
  2. CarlosSantos87


    Great mate.. i think that aqua blue colour is awesome and ok in the right values but the green is too dark.. maybe if you bright the green that livery stays a most 😃😃
  3. CarlosSantos87

    F1 2021

    A more Simulation Driving style Game and the Officials TV Overlays and Halo HUD in all Cam views should be great.. Things that Codemasters are loosing.. i am asking and wishing for that at 3years ago
  4. CarlosSantos87

    F1 2021

    I am absolutely agree with you mate.. if you bought the game if you spent your cash buying the game doesn t make any sense paying for some to add.. is ridiculous and Anti Social
  5. CarlosSantos87

    Daily tasks - can’t complete cockpit with halo on

    You have to use ONLY the Cockpit View and you can t change Camera at the end of the Race
  6. CarlosSantos87

    Have patches improved ai ?

    I don t have and i don t see anything wrong with A.I. behauviour.. i think they are too good on this Years game.. Codemasters have done a fantastic job.. i don t understand so many negative comments about this
  7. CarlosSantos87

    F1 2021

    Mate about the percentage of Fuel used in the Race Programs you have it already in this game on a diffferent way.. that tolds you how much your team recommends Fuel in KG to you set on your Race Strategy. If you want to BE much perfectionist you have to divide the number that your team recommends for the number of laps the race was.. that gives you the average of Fuel used per lap more properly
  8. CarlosSantos87

    Upgrading to ps5

    The constant frame rate does the biggest difference and justifies the amazing upgrade beetween them.. of course loading times are a great step ahead too
  9. CarlosSantos87

    Upgrades for Williams/Haas/Alfa

    I would love to see the possibility of turning Williams or Alfa or Haas the bestest team of the grid and finish the all seasons beeing the Team to beat
  10. CarlosSantos87

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    I had spent so many hours playing the F1 Challenge 99-02 and the F1 2001 in my oldest PS1.. great games they build in the last generation.. so i am very optimistic and positive about what they can do and what they can achieve having the amazing base and people to improve.. so looking for another Titles like Fifa for example nothing can go wrong to the Future
  11. CarlosSantos87

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    Sorry mate but i desagree with you when you said that EA doesn t look for the Offline Mode.. in the last 3 years they had improved a lot.. example The Journey Campaign in Fifa Titles and in the Nascar Heat aswell.. so i guess something big Will appear in next launches of F1 games
  12. CarlosSantos87

    Dotted lines in Race Strategy Program

    ONLY Tyre Wear and Fuel usage per lap counts for the Racing Strategies Programs mate
  13. CarlosSantos87

    Wet to dry track

    The biggest problems about the wet Racing line are that not represented in the game like they are in real life Racing.. example you can see the AI driving at the same way when is wet.. the same Racing line and in the Intermediates tyres they are so overpowered.. in the weather's transitions they are unrealistic fast.. And in the Real Racing when you are on a wet track surface you have to do the corners in the outside of racing line and cutting for inside.. you have to adapt an dirty Racing line because you will have much more traction
  14. CarlosSantos87

    Qualifying tips

    Yeah that helps a lot too
  15. CarlosSantos87

    PLEASE CODEMASTERS!! We want the Official Halo Hud

    If they are using that in eSports would be nice to us have it in our game.. I am wishing and asking for that 2years ago