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  1. CarlosSantos87

    Happy Birthday Barry!

    Happy Birthday my friend @BarryBL .. bring it home mate..the best of this world for you.. cheers
  2. CarlosSantos87

    Official Hud and Halo Hud for the next releases

    Thankyou mate.. i agree that exists some other Things to improve and these could obviously improved but the Official Halo Hud in a Official F1 game should be included a lot ago
  3. CarlosSantos87


    Thanks mate very appreciated.. good work
  4. CarlosSantos87


    Awesome livery mate..that mades me remind the oldest 90 s Minardi F1 Livery.. its very simillar.. can you put your values of the green colour please?
  5. CarlosSantos87

    What is wrong with F1 2020

    My Team are great mate in my case i am an Xbox One (1st version) user and i play the game since the release.. the other carreer mode i won t play because seems that you are unable to Change the performance order of the Teams during all your campaing.. i don t have any kind of interest doing a carreer for see that at the end Mercedes continues beeing equal.. but i am doing more Multiplayer races specially in This last week.. i agree that Multiplayer should be improved a lot and with much more garanteed servers and an different system of Penalties for the dirt players
  6. CarlosSantos87

    Purchased game on PC but F1 not driving fast.

    If was your Throttle saturation so you have to check your Controller mate because seems to me that he is damage.. or try to update him in your PC check for the lastest firmware or drivers aswell
  7. CarlosSantos87

    Do Career Mode Facilities Ever Progress?

    I think that type of Things that you aren t able to put the Williams like a Mercedes had killed this carreer mode.. that would be awesome you pick the Williams or Haas and doing them the bestest team of the world
  8. CarlosSantos87

    What is wrong with F1 2020

    Yeah understood mate.. i think that if Codemasters could adapt in their titles the System of Iracing these problems would desappear so far.. personally i think in Online the Iracing its the greatest of all the Time
  9. CarlosSantos87

    Code Masters: Give us a 'Friends' mode

    You can do that creating a private lobby and invite your friends to join.. after you can add some AI drivers and out on the Host options for the Realistic Performances endeed of Equal.. you add all Mercedes Drivers ex Hamílton and Bottas and the rest of Cars are available to pick.. you can deal with your friends who where much Faster picks the last Teams who where much slower picks better performance teams.. easy on this way
  10. CarlosSantos87

    What is wrong with F1 2020

    Haven t tried yet league races mate.. i had build One last week to try to do the Medal Achievement but i can confirm that Multiplayer Lobbies Races are so far very Hard for you do a cleanest Race because how most often someone crashes against to you ruins your race and at the end you receive some kind a funny ******* Penalty when you haven t any fault on it.. example in This last thrusday i was doing a great Race i was at front of the pack leading the Race behind of Safety Car and some jerk had at all his speed crashed against me and i had to retire of the Race with Terminal Damage.. so its ridiculous sometimes
  11. People who are constantly complaining about AI haven t tried and done a Multiplayer races Yet jesuuus 🤣🤣 that seems we have a Destruction Derby demos inside of this game.. One thing that Codemasters should absolutely improve in the Future
  12. CarlosSantos87

    For what reasons you can't wait for F1 2021 game?

    I would love to see the Official Hud and Halo Hud with custumised options.. i think that there s time more than enough to input that in a Official F1 game.. With a option that let to players to choose what type of HUD they want to choose if Codemasters Hud ir OFFICIAL Hud.. Improving the Online System and Penalties in Multiplayer Lobbies should be an priority aswell.. at least maybe tweaking a little more the Gameplay for more closer to a Realistic like Assetto Corsa or Rfactor etc.. ínside this genrer. An great addiction would be for example the input of an simillar the Journey mode with our own charater and doing a my team carreer inside that way
  13. CarlosSantos87

    F1 2021 game

    Totally agree with you mate.. i am the one who likes and enjoys a lot driving um Vietnam circuit.. i think jeddah Will be much worst similar to Singapore
  14. CarlosSantos87

    Official Hud and Halo Hud for the next releases

    I am a great guy and a honest One aswell.. i am not complaining and saying negative words no. Nothing like that.. i use cockpit cam but Also sometimes i use the TV Pod Offset both with a Customised FOV settings.. but i was only answering at someone against tv pod cams user.. i don t have anything against anyone but i think the inclusion of the OFFICIAL Halo Hud would be great for everyone
  15. CarlosSantos87

    Official Hud and Halo Hud for the next releases

    <Never ever seen any car driver sitting with a ps4/5/x-Box Controller on his Car ???!😂🤣> So you have to see again One episode of MR Bean Séries when he had driven his Mini Cooper sitting in the roof of it 🤣🤣