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  1. Sorry mate but i don t agree with your vision point.. in My case i don t use ABS and any other assists and i had done the test and i can confirm myself that i am able to be 0.5 sec or more faster without using Assists.. and ABS specially if you turn ABS assist On you Will loose time braking because Will increase your braking distance.. unique positive effect that cause in your driving style is don t let you lock up your tyres
  2. But for who plays on consoles we aren t able to use a Mod.. and we are talking about an OFFICIAL F1 GAME anyway.. i can t understand why this isn t present in.. i had asked for this in two posts done here but i haven t any answer
  3. For me its the inexistênce of the Official Halo Hud in the Official F1 GAME
  4. On specific tracks maybe but in 90% of the other tracks and normally in Harder Tyres Compounds you are much faster if you increase tyre pressure.. in tracks like Mónaco, Singapore, Baku and Zandvoort That is impossible to do in this (F1 games from Codemasters)
  5. On Mediums and Hards Tyre Compounds you Will get more performance if you increase tyre pressure
  6. Yeah Zandvoort the AI are a looooot Overpowered on that track
  7. I had requested this exactly since 3 years ago mate. This and the Official Halo Hud
  8. Resuming the post title more frame rate you Will able to be much more consistent and you will be able to Control MUCH better the car
  9. For me i choose beetween 70 and 90 %.. keep in mind that driving style and carsetup makes a little difference aswell
  10. If we look for MotoGP 21 for example from another company they had put the Official Hud in their game.. they have the licence and the approvation for That like Codemasters have too.. don t understand why Codemasters don t put that thing in their Games beeing them the Official Production Company and having the Licence for.. can t understand honestly.. this F1 2021 Game was the last title that i had bought for sure
  11. I had requested this at 3 years ago.. i am waiting for the Official Hud and for the Official Halo Hud aswell.. can t understand why this isn t present in an Official F1 licenced game.. i had done 2 posts asking for this at @BarryBL but i didn t received any feedback from they.. its a shame because Will be the last F1 GAME from Codemasters that i had bought.. simple like That
  12. @BarryBLHi everyone one more time. I would like to know for when Will be the introduction of the Official Halo Hud Telemetry in the Official F1 2021 game? By the way we are talking about an OFFICIAL F1 GAME and isn t ONLY me doing this basic request..
  13. Put your Steering Saturation on 5 or more in the Calibration tab of the Controller Settings
  14. I had asked for this a long long long long long long Time ago (since the release of F1 2018) and after 3 years i saw what?? Nothing.. Please bring the inclusion of the OFFICIAL HALO HUD in the game.. by the way its about an OFFICIAL F1 GAME we are talking about right?? Can t understand why the company Developer of an OFFICIAL F1 GAME couldn t do a simple thing like this..
  15. Dear @BarryBL and Hi everyone. I had asked for this in the past since the F1 2018 to be exactly and with across the years and lastest F1 games released i saw that nothing happened and i would like to know why and the biggest reason for that. Well starting to talk of my intentation of doing this specif post is that i think the inclusion of the Oficial Halo Hud (Telemetry) would bring a much more immersive fun and realism to the game.. exists a lot of people here and outthere we can see from the Mods created for another users for PC version for example that were asking for the exactly same thing
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