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  1. CarlosSantos87

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    @Faya That have happened to me Too In Today's weekly event.. I am at Xbox One platform.. When I exit from the event that error had appeared to me.. I can't check the leaderboards screen and that message to connect to the server appeared.. I press but stills the same
  2. CarlosSantos87

    Just ran into another glitch/exploit online

    Mate sorry but that it is absolutely possible to do.. Isn't a cheat.. You can post one lap time in your qualifying with soft tyres but you can start with mediums if you improve your lap time with these compound.. He probably have done a better lap time with soft so had started the race in soft tyres
  3. CarlosSantos87


    @SIMRACER123 I agree dude.. Type interactive way should be awesome.. Appears the button on screen to press and we press it fastly.. Another idea would be great to do a podium scenes interactive too with some kind of different animations and actions..
  4. CarlosSantos87

    Controller Settings

    Hi everyone.. Some can give to me the best settings to use? Linearity Saturation etc etc? I am struggling a little to find a good setting.. Mine actually are : Steering Deadzone 0 Steering Linearity 36 Steering Saturation 18 Throttle Deadzone 0 Throttle Linearity 25 Throttle Saturation 12 Braking Deadzone 0 Braking Linearity 25 Braking Saturation 12 I am using a Xbox one wireless controller. Please give me some feedback
  5. CarlosSantos87

    So what do people think about the physics and ffb in F1 2019

    For me this F1 2019 game and I using a Xbox one controller it's simply awesome.. I know that this game was made for wheel users.. And I I am trying to improve my controller settings but this game for me is amazing.. I would that Codies copy the Assetto Corsa feeling of the car for example with an option in difficulty settings that would be possible to choose beetween Simulation or normal settings.. In my opinion the Assetto Corsa is the Fairway the best simracing in car behavior.. Congratulations Codemasters because this F1 is excellent
  6. CarlosSantos87

    F1 2019 Halo Hud

    Hi @Faya.. Another thing that would be great in the game should be the official Halo Hud (with customized option).. That would be a awesome extra that for us F1 lovers makes a lot of difference
  7. Hi @Faya one more time.. Another question I have is... Why our acceleration and top speed is so slow compared to the AI?? Seems a little overpowered for them the way they can create a gap in acceleration and in top speed too.. I had tested different car setups different corners exit approaches and is the same thing
  8. CarlosSantos87

    Xbox One FPS drops a lot

    Hi @Faya and Codies people.. How are yours? I have this game for Xbox one platform and I notice that exists a lot of FPS drops and inconstantly variation on the game.. Please fix it possible that soon.. One more thing you as a member you can provide or explain how we can get or find the best controller settings (using a Xbox one controller) to adapt? Thankyou and continue with the excellent work 👍
  9. CarlosSantos87

    Multiplayer car #question

    Multiplayer car for me seems to be a Haas of 2018.. The engine is Ferrari and the chassis it's very very similar to
  10. CarlosSantos87


    I think that could be caused with the last patch 1.05.. Could be that the problem.. Try re installing the game from the steam
  11. CarlosSantos87


    Can be buged with the last patch.. Maybe can be something like that.. I don't know.. Only trying a different controller and testing if that happens again or solve the problem.. Only way I think
  12. CarlosSantos87


    Maybe the controller is damaged.. Try in a different game.. Like Fifa or something other.. It's strange 😢😢
  13. CarlosSantos87


    Hummm... So try another USB port and try update your controller drivers.. Maybe solve the problem
  14. CarlosSantos87

    F1 2019 Setup Guide

    Gp2 engine!!! Gp2.. Aaarrrhghhhhh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. CarlosSantos87


    Try these settings : Steering deadzone 0 Steering linearity 50 Steering saturation 8 Throttle deadzone 0 Throttle linearity 50 Throttle saturation 0 Braking deadzone 0 Braking linearity 50 Braking saturation 0 Hope helping you with this setts..