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  1. It became very clear after some time that their strategy was to remain shut until everyone forget about it.
  2. Did you really emailed them to cry about your lack of skill?
  3. Their utter silence is pretty much an answer. The game won't be patched. Maybe they don't have the balls to come and say so. But I think they just don't care...
  4. When close to 2015 release, we should organize a boycott campaign. They are never going to learn until we hurt their pockets.
  5. So... I assume no patch for 2014?
  6. EGO engine exists since... 2007? That's roughly 8 years of development. They released 5 F1 games over this same engine. Sorry, but engine limitation doesn't sound like a good excuse for everything.
  7. I seriously doubt the part that says "digital updates as the season progresses" You all know that you have to rant, swear, beg and turn this forum upside down for them to release a mere fix for their games. New content and updates periodically? No no, not going to be like it seems.
  8. This glitch, by the way, has been in the game since 2010. Where in the world of motorsport does a setup like this exist?
  9. 1 month and 8 days since launch. And they are STILL DECIDING... Seriously, this is just pathetic. They are soooo lucky that consumer rights doesn't seem to apply to videogames. I truly hope that their attitude will backfire somehow.
  10. Since when I asked for your support? If anything, I asked for everyone who feel the game is good as it is, to not interfere with everybody elses effort.
  11. I'm not going to point out, just for you, what's been discussed and pointed out tirelessly for a whole month on this thread, which you clearly didn't bother to read. Everything has been laid out on the table.
  12. Seriously man, are you really discrediting every report on this 10-page, 20k+ views thread? Sounds like you have not been part of this from the beginning. And by the way, I'm a software developer myself and I never heard of this loser method of yours. Here we fix things, and if we break other things in the process, we fix them too. And all you're saying just confirms my point that you're being selfish. You are expressely using the words "I thought was unimportant" and "break the game completely for me". No one here ever asked for your side of the game to be broken. we asked for ours to be f
  13. What you are saying is totally nonsense dude. Is this the philosophy you adopt in your life? To leave problems as they are with fear of causing more problems? Such a poor thinking. They have to fix what they did wrong. Period. If, by their own incompetence, they break something else, it's another battle to fight. If that happens to affect you, will you just sit and keep your current opinion?
  14. How selfish is this statement? Not fixing an ongoing issue that makes people literally shelve the game because it might, eventually, with very bad luck, break something else for you?
  15. What good does someone who don't need the patch do by coming here and saying he doesn't need? If you're good with the game, why even bother to post? Trying to prove everyone else wrong?
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