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  1. I hear what you are saying, but what I am saying, is that the graphics on the next gen fifa 22 game are so abysmal it's laughable. Don't mean they haven't improved, in a year (that would be fine with me), I mean they have gone back, back, back. I think they must have had some issues, but the pressure to force these games out, means you just crack on and deal with the mess in patches (if you can). The graphics on the old gen version played on the same console (they are bundled together) are considerably better.
  2. I deleted my FUT team and the game yesterday. The earliest I ever have. Thankfully I do not buy FP, as I know the drill by now, but just totally fed up with the absolute exploitation, coupled with total lack of innovation and continually releasing a broken game, with zero tangible improvements. You would think that the graphics for next gen would at least be jaw-dropping right? Wrong, they look like a PS2 game. Embarassing.
  3. As a long time FIFA player, all I can say is that as EA now run the show, we are all basically ****** and can kiss goodbye to every seeing a half decent F1 game ever again from 'codies'. Will no doubt be many more micro-transaction opportunities coming soon though, so good news on that front.
  4. Is the AI better then? This about all I care about. I can put up with silly bugs/glitches for a large part if the on- track racing experience is good and fun. This is the thread I made last game, after becoming so frustrated with stupid AI driving you off the track constantly... https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/75829-stupid-aggressive-ai-is-the-only-thing-that-really-annoys-me-in-this-game/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-602050 Would love to hear that the AI now behave in a more sensible manner.
  5. One word answers please!! I have pretty much all the games since '10, but don't know if I feel that inspired to get this one, Only play career and have a feeling that all the little bugs/glitches/oversights that annoyed me last year (and the year before that and the year before that!), will still be present. Is it worth it basically? Cheers
  6. Agreed. But can't imagine that anyone enjoys being driven off the road by the AI, as they try to make yet another ridiculous overtake.
  7. Yeah, this happens a lot. You feel the slightest contact and you know that the AI will continue driving full speed straight ahead until you are in the wall. Not the slightest adjustment or backing off to avoid the accident!!
  8. I am probably thinking along the same lines. There are LOADS of arcade style racing games out there for those who want to play dodgems. I want a game that mirrors real life as much as possible. Certainly in the offline mode.
  9. I think you missed the point!! Anyone who has watched the sport for a decent period of time, is likely aware of what the cars are and are not capable of. If they are in fact capable of some of the moves that the AI pulls in game, then all the current real life drivers should be sacked for being useless at their craft.
  10. I may be mis-remembering, but I am sure that it was better in some of the earlier games.
  11. I am the OP and I think using the word aggressive was incorrect on my part. Imagine that most people enjoy fairly aggressive AI, in terms of defending their position and not just waving you through, plus taking realistic opportunities to overtake as and when they arise. I guess 'stupid unrealistic AI' would have been a better thing to say. I very much enjoy a good hard race with the AI, even if I lose a few places. What I don't like, is them trying to overtake you through the S's and spoon and 130R at Suzuka (for example) and then just driving you off the track if they can't.
  12. Yeah bud, I just about know what the racing line is, only being playing for 10 years and watching F1 for 30!! 😉 But half the time, when you are off the racing line and slow down, the AI car will suddenly do exactly the same and not pass you, or a yellow flag comes out.
  13. Well I race on 70 difficulty with a pad and no assists expect gears and have no illusions that I am any good. In fact, I know I am not!!! But at that level, I can have a good race with similar lap times to drivers in the teams around me and mostly fun races. That is about my level for realism in 'my team', whereby I don't win races or get podiums in my first season (although I already had a pole and a couple of points finishes). Dropping the AI level further does not seem to make any sense. They will just be slower and I will start finishing in unrealistic positions.
  14. Just had a great example of this... FP3 in Mexico. I am doing the tyre wear program on old mediums. Doing fine nicely inside the required time with high green on the wear. Danny Ric pops out in the Renault on a set of softs. He is on an out lap, but driving like it's the last lap of the GP and the championship is on the line, all over the back of my car and then wipes me out going into the stadium section trying to overtake in an impossible position. I mean ***. Why, just why!!
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