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  1. F1 2014 is really good with a G27. Not so good with my all new Thrustmaster T300RS which is not supported yet in this game.
  2. Hi Hatta, Do you by any chance have some news about support for Thrustmaster T300RS in a upcoming patch?
  3. Hi, Are there any updates on T300RS Wheel support for F1 2014? Regards, Kim
  4. Hallo, Thanks for an awesome game, I am really happy with the all new F1 2014! Are there any updates on when T300RS will be supported in F1 2014 for PC? I have tried the setup the wheel by custom mode, but that is not really working well. Seems like codemasters has created a T300RS package for GRID, but how about F1 2014? Regards, Kim
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