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  1. mikey250976

    Fanatec clubsport rim

    I have the fanatec clubsport rim and when I want to change settings on the wheel I have problems. I press the button on wheel to enter the settings menus , and when I do this , all the numbers keep moving, son I can't actually like set ses to what I want because it keeps moving! Has anyone else got this problem and if so, how do i fix this?
  2. mikey250976

    100 percent race

    I race In 100 percent league races, I looking for a bit of help here. Say I Am in Spain and I run a 7 9 wing, would I be faster in qualifying if I lowered the front down to 6 ,(parte perme on) and then put back up to my 7 before race, not sure of it would be faster with the less fuel, as the 79 is for full fuel race.!! And secondly, once in the 100 percent race , would you advise lowering the wing down to 6 as the fuel drops off , or keep it the same? Not to clued up on the fuel and weight plus wing situation as you can tell, so any help with anyone else that does 100 percent races would be great..
  3. mikey250976

    Game reset

    Why is nobody answering or giving a reason why they won't fix a major bug, this big should be very top of the list... What's the point of playing this game if it resets everything and you lose everything . It's happened to me twice now, and a lot of other friends I know it has happened as well. You asked me to give you more details on what happened prior to this on my first post, I have giving you details , but still no reply. MY post just gets moved and ignored!!!!!!!
  4. mikey250976

    Reset of game [R2]

    I was playing in my usual lobbys tonight with my usual friends,and about 2mins ago,it came up ,I could not sign in...then when I go back to f1 2019..the full game has RESET AGAIN, FOR THE 2ND TIME IN A WEEK..., I have lost everything once again!!!!!!!! After picking myself up after the first reset which I have posted , it does it AGAIN!!!!!!!! Totally unacceptable...this is not fair in the slightest, you spend that much time and dedication to getting setups, for the game to wipe them on regular basis... I would like to have an explanation please, SICK OF IT NOW,
  5. mikey250976

    Reset of game [R2]

    I was in unranked lobby with about 13 of my usual friends, the next track started ,but I was put into spectator mode for no reason ,so I closed the app to rejoin, and when the game started up I had to enter all my details again and went to time trial because I thought something wasn't right because I had to do this , and when I went into time trial, all my setups were gone!! So it's as if the game total reset and wiped everything. I Am on ps4 . I Am hoping I can maybe goto the cloud to load an older save as it has took me ages to get my setups ,and I Am kinda put off the game now to do it all again
  6. mikey250976

    Reset of game [R2]

    Was in my usual multiplayer lobby with friends, and all of a sudden I was spectating, shut the game down and restarted .. When it started up ,I had to do everything again, like the picture settings, put in my name and all that! Then when I went into time trial ,all my setups were away...nothing!!! The game reset everything, for no reason..after spending a good few hours doing my setups to be left with zero... this is a total joke..worse f1 I have played for a while ,and I know every year has been bad for bugs, but for that to happen to you is a nightmare after the time you put out on setups!!