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  1. My level is Silver 20. Do I unlock ‘Reach Level 50’ achievement in my next online race, when I reach Silver 50 or do I still have to reach Gold 50 for it to unlock?
  2. KMan34

    PS4 Trophies Glitched - F1 2019 [R2]

    Just reached maximum sportsmanship and didn’t get the trophy. Didn’t get the trophy where you have to finish the season ahead of Lukas and Devon too. This is highly frustrating.
  3. I didn’t get mine either. Attached screenshot super license
  4. ‘Reach Level 50’ doesn’t work either. I’m Silver level 2 now and I have the level 50 badge but not the trophy. Been grinding this all week too...
  5. Reached level 50 yesterday and I didn’t get the trophy. I’ve been grinding it all week and my efforts just go to waste. Hope this gets fixed soon as well as the trophy for 10 races online.