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  1. Hi @BarryBL , hope you are doing well, has this been forwarded onto the developers?
  2. mischaw

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Slightly more speed.
  3. Keep the overall TT leaderboards but also have car specific ones. Win win for everyone.
  4. I had this in a multiplayer (unranked) session last night. I disconnected and reconnected during a safety car if that helps.
  5. mischaw

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Hi @David Greco CM First of all thanks for doing this, I've learnt a lot in this thread already. I am struggling with traction under acceleration out of slow corners. Apart from moving the on-differential to 50% and being more gentle with the accelerator pedal, is there anything else I can do with my set up to make this less of an issue?
  6. mischaw

    Patch 1.04 ps4.

    TT is working to the extent it shows times and uploads times, but the game is crashing on me a lot in TT.
  7. But the SC wasn't working pre patch? I mean the short term solution here is to turn the SC off. I agree there should be sensitivity settings, and possibly a setting to reduce the max number of SC appearances as four in a 50% race is a lot. But then street circuits like Singapore and Monaco are going to be mad like that. Watched your twitch video from above, hard to comment on 3 of the 4 SCs because you can't see the incident, but the very first one shouldn't be one in my opinion, as far as I can see no one retired and there was no blockage on track.
  8. Leagues who don't want this should just turn it off.
  9. @BarryBL My suggestion going forwards is that there could be an option in settings that we can set to decide how sensitive the safety car is or possibly what the maximum number of deployments per race is. That way everyone, both the people who want realism and the people who want a slightly more arcade no SC approach, is happy.
  10. Watched 2-3 videos of people playing their single player careers in the last couple of days and safety cars are appearing in single player.
  11. I've watched a good few league races over the past couple of nights and the SC and VSC seem to be working really well. Yes there have been a couple of races where there have been 3-4 interventions, but these races had a lot of crashes (and were around the street tracks as well). Places like Singapore, Baku always have loads of safety cars, the game has to reflect that and its great Codemasters are now doing that.