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  1. I think you just had bad luck here.
  2. Tbh it looks like bug but if this true this is great that codies are working on mechanical failures.
  3. Hmm in 100% distance it should deploy sc.
  4. Sc is work propeply now. Problem is there is no accidents so there is no reason to sc come out.
  5. TNTMati

    F1 2020 Game Leaked Screenshot

    I like this "1ST GEAR" on whole screen xD
  6. TNTMati

    Unlapping under saftey car multiplayer

    Yeah , you are right. That’s dumb.
  7. TNTMati

    No safety car in career mode after 1.21 xbox

    So this is works as should. Game depolys sc/vsc when accident happens or retirement car parks in dangerous place. You don’t have accidents and retirements are in safe place so thats why you dont have sc. (i hope i wrote everything clear)
  8. TNTMati

    No safety car in career mode after 1.21 xbox

    But... do you have accidents or retirements and sc don’t shows up or in your races you don’t have even single yellow flag?
  9. TNTMati

    F1 2019/2020 Suggestions

    For example i always have flashbacks on because random unexpected bug can occur. So i think more is better too.
  10. TNTMati

    F1 2019/2020 Suggestions

    But flashbacks=/= possibility to restart session so i don’t understand why you want to remove restart session from options. it’s 2 separate things.
  11. TNTMati

    Safety car

    And you still thinking it works great?
  12. TNTMati

    Safety car

    No it’s worse than before.
  13. TNTMati

    Halo bug after new patch

    Yes but in earlier versions bar was shown in replays.
  14. In replay mode in some distance from car middle bar of halo disappears.
  15. TNTMati

    Game is just boring

    Races are usually boring, no crashes no safety cars. Ai is perfect and never make mistakes in f1 2017 they were safety cars or ai could have tyre puncture this was not most realistic feature but in my opinion races were more interesing. What you think about that?