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  1. Yeah you are right guys but look, typical f1 games player usually do not save game during race. While racing various situations can happen: power cut-off, big random bug in game etc. This can reduce rage after simillar situation. For my perspective I now try to save during races but sometimes I forgot. After black screen bug the pain is big...

  2. I suggest this based on my yesterdays experience. I had nice race in spain race ended and game softlocked just before standings. (black screen) Of course game do not saved this "race" and i have to drive this race again. So i suggest that game should autosave progress in race in about 10m-15m time stamps. This will prevent situations like this. About this bug i had same situatuion in f1 2017 once and also once in f1 2019. This is so rarely so there is no way to replicate that so i think there is no sense to report this in bug section of the forum.

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  3. 4 hours ago, 86 til Infinity said:

    you mean in F1 2020 !! they should come with a patch as soon as it is possible.as the official f1 2020 game the season calender must be fixed. everyone exspects that from a company like codemasters. would be great to hear a statement from code on that matter.

     You really don't know how game development works... 

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  4. Just now, johnboy83 said:

    Yeah several times. Raikkonen lost it on the main straight in Vietnam trying to pass another driver smashed into the wall and managed to collect 2 other drivers behind him. Full safety car followed. It was nice to see finally some proper mistakes from the AI

    Wrong game 😉 this is f1 2019 forum

  5. After watching some Tiametmarduk videos i must say that mistakes when ai have open drs and looses control (https://youtu.be/yZWEMw6UAEY) Time stamp: 12:52 looks very unnatural and hilarious so i think this needs some fix.

  6. I know this is very sensitive topic but i think Anthonie Hubert should not be in f1 2020 game. We can choose him as co- driver when making a new team. For me this is not looking well, they should remove him instead of using him as one of the "aspect" of the game.

    What are you thoughts? Maybe I'm exaggerating? 

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