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  1. Me n my mate was playin co op career n he was in nico car n i was im hamiltons car but for some reason he was quicker than me even tho i was on the soft tire n he was on the hard tire, then after the race we swoped cars n the same thing happend n even on open online races i started last but finished 1st even i could see the car behind tryin to keep up but kept goin wide. Has anyone else noticed this n cam u fix this CM please
  2. A question and an idea for next gen f1; We all want custom helmets so instead of putting it into the game, allow people to mod it cos the xbox 1 has mod support dont think ps4 has (LOL) and players could buy them helmets for like 69p (1$) just an idea
  3.  I still think its on next gen cos steve hood said last year they wanted to make 2013 look its best for the last time on old gen thats why it was not on next gen, so in my opinon this is fake 
  4. Hi CM can u tell us wen u can give info about the next f1 game thanks, hope its like 2010 but more closer to actuat f1 driver :)
  5. Here's a good idea, when u start a race in career u start in ur garage as normal but ur engineer gives u info about the race like weather and tire wear abit like the cinamatic before you start the young drivers test, then u drive out the garage up to ur starting grid position, after it comes up like a menu screen with u standing outside the car and from there u can change tyre stragegy, start the race but behind you is the press interviewing you about what u plan for the race.
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