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  1. I was just reading the topic to find someone with this issue. YES, this is a problem, and i'm really happy to know that it is already under investigation by codemasters. 😄 I also want to point out another "issue". I was saving my FinalClassification data with the packet's header sessionUID. This worked fine at the time, but at some point it stopped working. Seems that in one of the released patches they changed the sessionUID of the FinalClassification data from the correct one (sessionUID of the related session), to 0. I already fixed this in my application, but i think it wo
  2. @Hoo I know i already proposed this solution some time ago, but since i find it would be really usefull for a lot of ppl here, i try to submit this again... Instead of sending out the gamertag, why don't you just send out a "code" build over the gametag itself coded with some unknown key? This way you can send out a unique code for each gamertag, without any sensible data, and we would finally have a strong system to bind the game players to a "real" player on our external systems... Is this not as easy to do as it sounds?
  3. Wow, that's how i was calculating lap times since this new game... 🙄 Actually it's not possible for me to switch back to older system (too much work needed to), so i really hope they will fix this problem as soon as possible. 😔
  4. It's not that easy, since they also removed a lot of the "previous lap" informations from the lap data packet.,.. 🙄
  5. Ok thanks! So I'm probably missing something within the released game packets' format, I'll check it out and let you know what the problem was, just for completeness. ☺️
  6. Am i the only one who has a fixed zero into the sessionTime value in the header?
  7. Hi! After the new patch, the game shows some useful informations related to pit stops in the "Pit Stop" tab of the menu during the races. Is there any way to get this info out (like we already do for other similar events) now that it has been added? That would be really useful. Thanks!
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