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  1. Sometimes it's better if a game isn't 100% realistic in an aspect, and this is certainly the case here. If a race has 3 safety cars then you know for you as a driver your whole race can be ruined. What's the point of practicing a strategy for the race when you know that your pace and strategy will be completely pointless? As the safety cars will mean that the whole outcome of the race is just decided by luck on at what exact moment the safety cars will come out. If they did this only for career mode then it probably would have been great. However with the safety car spam in online league races it completely ruins the game.
  2. The safety car and VSC indeed come out way too often now, it completely ruins league races. Instead of your pace deciding the end result of the race it is now just pure luck that decides the outcome of races. I sincerely hope that Codemasters changes this as soon as possible, because right now it is just unacceptable
  3. Thanks for the patch. Please give us custom tyre selection in qualifying, having a maximum of only 1 set of the medium compound is completely unrealistic and pretty much ruins the short qualifying format since it just ends up being a one shot qualifying with 1 lap on that 1 set of the medium compound at the very end of the session. It's not a massive/difficult request, it should be very easy to implement and would make the game massively more realistic and enjoyable.
  4. Hi, please allow us to make a custom tyre selection for qualifying instead if the 3 current nonsensical presets. In the F1 game drivers are only able to have a maximum of 1 set of the medium compound in a short qualifying session (which is used in the far majority of the F1 racing leagues). This is completely unrealistic, because in real F1 the drivers usually have 2 sets of medium tyres to use in Q2, where the starting tyres for the top 10 in the race are determined. In the F1 game this leads to drivers ultimately doing a 'one-shot qualy' on that 1 set of medium tyres, completely counteracting the purpose of the 18 minutes long 'short qualifying' session. It should be very easy for Codemasters to implement the option to allow drivers to select any custom amount of tyres from any of the 3 compounds, with the limit of a maximum of 4 sets of tyres for the qualifying session, just like with the 3 presets of tyre selections that a short qualifying session now has.  It would make the game realistic and much more enjoyable, while being very easy to implement.
  5. robin8f

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    Custom tyre selection in qualifying instead of these nonsense presets, you can't even have more than one set of the mediums in qualifying right now, how ridiculous and unrealistic is that...