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  1. robin8f

    An overview of issues with F1 2019

    First of all, a massive thank you for making this post with this list of issues with the game. I want to highlight another issue with the game, it's not a bug/glitch but it is most certainly quite a big issue in the game. In the F1 game drivers are only able to have a maximum of 1 set of the medium compound in a short qualifying session (which is used in the far majority of the F1 racing leagues). This is completely unrealistic, because in real F1 the drivers usually have 2 sets of medium tyres to use in Q2, where the starting tyres for the top 10 in the race are determined. In the F1 game this leads to drivers ultimately doing a 'one-shot qualy' on that 1 set of medium tyres, completely counteracting the purpose of the 18 minutes long 'short qualifying' session. It should be very easy for Codemasters to implement the option to allow drivers to select any custom amount of tyres from any of the 3 compounds, with the limit of a maximum of 4 sets of tyres for the qualifying session, just like with the 3 presets of tyre selections that a short qualifying session now has.
  2. robin8f

    Traction loss

    I drive without assists, using a wheel
  3. robin8f

    Traction loss

    Have to disagree with this, due to the removal of ballast the car is much more stable and predictable, you can predict better when the car is going to oversteer and when it's oversteering it's easier to correct the slide now
  4. I agree, it's pathetic how outdated the circuits & kerbs are. Unfortunately this has been the case for many years, so I'm honestly not even surprised anymore by Codemasters
  5. robin8f

    T150 wheel problem on f1 2018

    Awesome! Happy to have helped you 👍
  6. robin8f

    T150 wheel problem on f1 2018

    Thanks for the video, i think the problem is quite clear, you are unfortunately turning the wheel too much (steering angle is too high) for the corners. When you turn the wheel, it will only let the car turn in more into the corner upto a certain steering angle, and if you turn the wheel more than that then it will result in the car not turning in as much as it would with less steering angle, the car will just understeer. You said that you have the understeer enhance setting turned on, so then you should be able to feel this with the force feedback from the wheel. The more you turn the wheel, the harder it should become to turn the wheel, the wheel will give more resistance. This holds upto a certain steering angle, where this resistance from the wheel will suddenly become much weaker, this is the point where you would be turning the wheel too much, resulting in that the car will understeer. If you watch some videos on youtube of time trial records on F1 2018 and compare the steering angle that they apply into the corners with the steering angle that you are applying then you should be able to see what i mean. If you then try to apply less steering angle, like those guys are doing, then that should fix your problem i think 👍
  7. robin8f

    T150 wheel problem on f1 2018

    Yeah if you would make a short video then it would be easier to help i think
  8. robin8f

    Track models in F1 2019

    The amount of circuits in F1 2018 with the correct kerbs can be counted on one hand. It's absolutely mindblowing how outdated the circuits & kerbs are.
  9. This would definitely be great, hopefully no more completely unrealistic setups