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  1. Decided to post a new topic, a squeal to the other topics I have done. So same rules apply, can be any Formula 1 game on any system from any developer out there. What was the one Formula One game you have played that was really bad in your opinion. For me it was F1 World Grand Prix by Eidos A game that I could never work out, cause it went for realistic handing with a game pad on the Playstation.
  2. NamuGriff

    Enough is enough CM

    Do love F1 games and as a casual player cause of work, I like to pick up and play the game when ever I can. Sadly the issues of the game are off putting and I play the game less and less now.
  3. So having gotten the GRID Autosport port on the Nintendo Switch and been enjoying it so far. Is nice to see a proper racer on the Switch finally, was getting me thinking. Which other Codemasters racing games would I like to see get the treatment of being ported over to the Switch for some take out and handheld gaming. So was thinking about the Dirt games from the old PS3/XBox360 days and maybe an updated Formula One game with the new cars, tracks and drivers, but using the last gen graphics engine to run it. Anyone think of any other old Codemasters games that could find a home on the Switch or not?
  4. NamuGriff

    Bug with Legends edition?

    A lot of games that have a special edition version will have just a code you redeem in the Playstation Store if it's on PS4. What I did with Project Cars 2 when I got the Limited Edition version. Normally be within the leaflets you get, so hopefully you didn't bin it by accident
  5. NamuGriff

    Bug with Legends edition?

    Believe that there is a code in the game case that you have to reddem to get the Prost/Senna stuff in the legends edition
  6. NamuGriff

    Strange audio glitch, anyone else have it?

    Glad to know it's not just me. Good to know for next time
  7. So had this a few times, and only seems to happen to me in practise or qualifying. Is pretty random when it happens, and curious if others have had it. Basically what happens is when you tell the game to leave your pit garage, all the sound turns off, expect for the track/ atmosphere sounds like rain, track announcements, the pit warning sound. You have no engine noise, and no Jeff talking to you, and then also when you select the option to talk to Jeff, L1 on the pad, it will not work, meaning you can't get any information out on track. Only way to fix it is to go back into the garage. Not had it happen in a race yet, but can see that as being annoying as hell. Am playing on the PS4 Pro and on the pad, if that helps too.
  8. I found that the AI in the wet seem to have much better traction from the standing start and in the corners, able to hit the apex and carry on at full throttle as if it's a dry track, and yet if I hit the apex and put on too much power, then the rear end snaps on me and I go for a spin, so have to feather the throttle in the corners, and so lose more time.
  9. So a small squeal to my first topic, your First Formula 1 game. So what is your favourite Formula game you have played. Again can be any one, on any console. Curious to see what games people liked most and what features those games had that people loved about them. So will start first. Mine has to be as EA Formula One game. A good game they did and also the last one they did on PC. 4 seasons with each year having the tracks, cars and drivers of that season.
  10. NamuGriff

    Bring back retired newish F1 tracks?

    Tracks I would love to see come back into an F1 game? So many to choose out there. Lets go with Classic Hockenheim for the classic car races, with it's mad run in the woods. Sepang cause it was a very good circuit from the go, and everyone enjoyed it. Imola for the classic racing cars again.
  11. NamuGriff

    Back to the future.

    EA Sports did that once with the 99-02 seasons on PC in one game.
  12. NamuGriff

    What sadistic ******* created Singapore?

    These are two tracks I sacrifice for extra engines in the game, cause I'm so bad at these tracks.
  13. NamuGriff

    Your first F1 game

    Will say that Formula One 99 had the best intro of the early games, but the best of the games I played at the time was oddly EA's F1 Challenge 99-02 with it's four different seasons with the rules, drivers and cars all different for each one. Was a time when EA made good sports games and made a very good indepth career F1 game that you could play.
  14. NamuGriff

    Your first F1 game

    Can not remember it was so long ago, could look it up and find out.
  15. NamuGriff

    Your first F1 game

    Was my second F1 game. Forgot about the tear off stripes. Maybe something Codies could add in a future game.