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  1. Decided to post a new topic, a squeal to the other topics I have done. So same rules apply, can be any Formula 1 game on any system from any developer out there. What was the one Formula One game you have played that was really bad in your opinion. For me it was F1 World Grand Prix by Eidos A game that I could never work out, cause it went for realistic handing with a game pad on the Playstation.
  2. NamuGriff

    Enough is enough CM

    Do love F1 games and as a casual player cause of work, I like to pick up and play the game when ever I can. Sadly the issues of the game are off putting and I play the game less and less now.
  3. NamuGriff

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I use the Pad on PS4 PRo. Version 1.06 Assists are full traction control, anti lock on. AI Level is 55. Had a quali in Canada where I was over 2 seconds slower than the AI, and yet in the dry practices and the race was able to keep up, and race against the AI. Also had a wet practice session and no matter what I did, I could not get green timings for the practice programs at all, not matter what, was like the timings being used for the practice programs was still for dry laps. Would be like 4 seconds down by the end of the lap. Glad to know this maybe due to a unexpected glitch in the game.