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  1. Hi. Does anybody know if the Porsche Macan T1 Rally Raid in the Amazon.co.uk Limited Edition of DiRT 5, features this Rally raid on the disc to play instantly, or will it need to be downloaded from the Internet? I would like this version of the game, but I won’t pay the extra money if that is needed to be downloaded, as I can’t do that.


  2. On 6/22/2020 at 12:55 AM, KittyFit90 said:

    My surprise was epic and a lot of fun:classic_biggrin: Best birthday gift ever!!!

    What is the gift, if you don’t mind me asking?



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  3. @senna94f1, I agree, front wheel drive is a draw back. It's cheaper, but never as nice as rear or all wheel drive. Rear wheel drive is also my favourite.

    Not too many Honda Integra Type R's were produced worldwide, but I am unsure how many without looking it up.


  4. The TV programme that I watched yesterday (Wednesday 06/05/2020):

    • Me & My Monsters Series 1 Episode 2: "Monster Smart"

    The TV programmes that I watched today (Thursday 07/05/2020):

    • Me & My Monsters Series 1 Episode 3: "Monster in a Box"
    • Me & My Monsters Series 1 Episode 4: "The Fabulous Monsterettes"


  5. @Mike1158, ah OK. I didn't realise the Type 3 shares parts from the original Beetle and camper vans. Now you mention it, looking at your earlier image of old Bessy, I can parts and stylings taken from the original Beetle and camper vans. I have really looked much into the history of the Volkswagen Type 3. I think I should though! 😉 🙂


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