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  1. To all UK based residents in the UK on the Codemasters Community, did you have a very sudden and large snowfall? I did, where I live. The roads become slushy and icy very quickly. DiRTFanNo.1
  2. @Hughesy, the green man in the video thumbnail above, looks a little bit like Buzz Lightyear, from the Disney Pixar Toy Story film series! 😂 🤣 DiRTFanNo.1
  3. Nice cars and van collection, @Murikka. 🙂 DiRTFanNo.1
  4. C😎😎l! Nice car, @united1511. 🙂 DiRTFanNo.1
  5. When I get out of bed, I am like a walking zombie, before I have my morning coffee! 😂 DiRTFanNo.1
  6. I also have noticed that this forum is slow at loading. I first noticed this when it launched. DiRTFanNo.1
  7. You sound like an dentist, @KittyFit90! 😂 🤣 DiRTFanNo.1
  8. Perhaps the company should rename themselves as 'Forgetful Eats'! 😂 🤣 DiRTFanNo.1
  9. I remember Uber Eats now. They mentioned on Rip-Off Britain last year, for some complaints, in the ‘food’ series. DiRTFanNo.1
  10. Don’t you mean Just Eat drivers? DiRTFanNo.1
  11. @phil83, yes I am serious. Never heard of Uber. @MBKF1, thank you for that link. I have never heard of them, but at least I know what it is now. DiRTFanNo.1
  12. Uber drivers? What are they? DiRTFanNo.1
  13. Taxi drivers are the worst drivers you can find in the UK. They think they rule the roads. Passengers safety are in the drivers hands, but I don’t think many drivers care about this. DiRTFanNo.1
  14. Which company is that, @f1since08? DiRTFanNo.1
  15. @MBKF1 and @Lukedfrt, thank you both of you. I live in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK and I know all the makes and models of each and every Stagecoach bus that is based in Cheltenham and their registrations. DiRTFanNo.1
  16. It's been a bit of an odd day today (28/02/2019), for myself, as while travelling on x2 different Stagecoach (A very well-known national bus operator in the UK) buses, these two events happened today (Warning: Some may find this a bit distressing to read). Incident 1: At around lunchtime, I went on the 41 service, on Alexander Dennis Enviro 300, YN64 AOS in Service 41 livery and there was a drunk man on a bike. He was on the kerb and just as the bus I was on went past him, he fell of the bike and half of his body fell in the road. The bus I was on was about a centimetre away, probabl
  17. If the signs are not well lit in the dark or are not well placed, so they are not very noticeable, then you could put this to the agency and see what they say. Some places that are monitored by traffic wardens don’t have many signs and some you can’t see on the dark, unless you are near them. They may let you off or reduce the five, if this is the case. DiRTFanNo.1
  18. I’m just glad I don’t live in a road that requires a permit. I would hate to do have to a permit on the dashboard and / on the windscreen, every time I park my car. I feel sorry for you @SirPhilMcKraken. DiRTFanNo.1
  19. I live in the UK, @KittyFit90 and you see traffic wardens patrolling all sorts of roads, near town centres and near retail parks. I haven’t been to many countries, but I do agree with you completely. DiRTFanNo.1
  20. I agree, car park agencies / councils, who ever has fined you will pursue the case and get you to pay, Lukedfrt. You have to give a very good reason for why you overstayed your allowed time. I don't think being at the pub will let you off, but I suppose it's worth a try. All these people do is want your money. You may find though that the sooner you pay, you might pay less than £85.00, so keep this in mind. A friend of mine once got a ticket. It was £60.00. He paid for the next day and they reduced to £30.00, so keep this in mind. The people who have provided you with the fine may have a
  21. @Lukedfrt, oh dear. I feel sorry for you. I have never had an parking ticket before. I hope to keep it that way! DiRTFanNo.1
  22. @Faya, thank you telling me that. Codemasters HQ looks very nice and modern. How old is the building? DiRTFanNo.1
  23. Oh dear. How recent was that? I’m just interested is why I ask. DiRTFanNo.1
  24. Yep, airbags deployed, vehicle is scrapped, regardless how bad exterior damage is. Is that the Golf GT she crashed? DiRTFanNo.1
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