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  1. Even the smallest amounts of damage to cars write them off. It's cheaper and easier for insurance companies to write them off. Most cars do get put back on the road, but by salvage companies, who buy them from insurance companies. My parents car was written off in December. The car did need a new front bumper and nearside front wheel arch, but the insurance company was only looking for brand new parts, so these came in at more than the car is worth. I found suitable parts that just need a respray on eBay, but insurance companies don't look for parts like this. They should, as the parts I
  2. How bad was the damage to the Clio after the crash? Any pictures? DiRTFanNo.1
  3. The tribute to Jim Clark was in Episode 5 actually, SirPhilMcKraken. DiRTFanNo.1
  4. @Lukedfrt I take it that you live in the UK? Car insurance is messed up in the UK. Most likely the Fox is newer than the Clio and this is the case, it will be safer and stronger in a crash, in which case means lower on insurance. Also age is a biggest factor with insurance. You would have been younger when you insuranced the Clio too, so you are getting older so this also reduces your insurance premium, providing you don’t make any claims. Insurance is very unpredictable in the UK, in terms of prices, which I believe can change daily, which somebody told me. I am unsure if this
  5. I agree! If the garage wasn’t full of my dad’s stuff, my car would be in the garage too! DiRTFanNo.1
  6. Cool! 😎 Any new or newer images of it? DiRTFanNo.1
  7. OK, I understand. I just thought it would be like swearing, in example that you go to a supermarket but you shout the name of another supermarket inside of it. That’s an example of the swearing I am talking about. DiRTFanNo.1
  8. WRC? Is not mentioning WRC, on the Codemasters Community DiRT Games General Discussion Forum a bit like swearing?! 😂 🤣 DiRTFanNo.1
  9. Do you still have your Subaru Impreza WRX STi, @tbtstt? DiRTFanNo.1
  10. @UP100 Upper education? You mean higher education, like college or university? DiRTFanNo.1
  11. Oh, I see. It has something to do with school. I take you are still a school student? I haven’t been to school since 2013. I can’t remember if my secondary school had a council team or not. I can remember that I was a prefect in Year 10 and in Year 11. DiRTFanNo.1
  12. What's a student council, UP100? What has this got to do with age? DiRTFanNo.1
  13. @f1since08 I am 22, we are more less the same age! DiRTFanNo.1
  14. Thank you for the welcome. So far, I have nothing but praise of the new look forum. I like it and I have not come across any problems. If I do find any, I will of course let you know. Also, what is the building at the top off the main homepage, for the Codemasters Community? DiRTFanNo.1
  15. You are both 21 now? Matt is MBKF1, right? DiRTFanNo.1
  16. How old are you three, if you don't mind me asking? DiRTFanNo.1
  17. Sounds as if you enjoyed the old forum a lot, MBKF1. DiRTFanNo.1
  18. So right that person shouldn't of. Clearly by the action of him not signing up to the new forum, he knew he was a troublemaker. DiRTFanNo.1
  19. So I am guessing this person caused a few arguments on the forum? DiRTFanNo.1
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