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  1. @UP100 I am also surprised that the avatars did not carry through with the change to the new forum. I will have go through my files and try and find the DiRT front cover, or will have to re-download it from Google. McStanley
  2. I agree, MBKF1, but I can't agree because the agree button has gone! 😁 McStanley
  3. New forum arrived quickly. I must say that it's very different to the old forum. I did like the style of the old forum. It's not even slightly the same. This will take some getting used to, but welcome back everyone! McStanley
  4. You would get more snow down there then. All the snow has pretty much gone, apart from the snow on the grass has melted a tiny bit, from what was there this morning. McStanley
  5. It's taken you a week to watch the Colombia Special? I watched that last Saturday when part's were up to watch. I haven't watched Episode 4 yet. :( McStanley
  6. Almost 3:00PM and can still post comments. I think this warning of a read-only forum was just for joke and a laugh! :D McStanley
  7. It melts as fast it comes down in the UK, due to the fact we never get heaps of it up to your knees, like other countries do. The UK never gets snow as high as one's foot, never mind up to your knees! :D McStanley
  8. @Lukedfrt I live in Gloucestershire and we have had more than I expected. It is melting. Whether or not more falls tonight and settles, is something else. McStanley
  9. A person, that's what I am. Well you did ask what I am, so I told you. :D McStanley
  10. Personally I don't care if the forum does close or not today. I reckon perhaps the snowy weather has probably affected the closure of making comments, like everything is, when the UK is hit with snow. We only have a small amount of snow, but as usual it affects daily like for people in the UK, in everything! :D Why do you say that, UP100? McStanley
  11. What is 'Anime and Manga'? McStanley - Body is 5 characters too short.
  12. Thank you, MBKF1. :) McStanley - Body is 12 characters too short.
  13. Has anyone seen Season 3 Episode 4 of The Grand Tour yet? I have not and will probably watch it in a bit, or tonight. No spoilers please, if you have seen it. Thanks. :) McStanley
  14. Oh yeah, I forgot that. McStanley - Body is 8 characters too short.
  15. It's past 1:00PM now and the forum has not transitioned to 'read-only', so a new forum probably isn't coming. McStanley
  16. I should think when we cannot comment, the comment box will disappear. It's still here, so we can comment still. McStanley
  17. Thank you for letting me know. I really didn't know that. McStanley
  18. Is it?! I thought it might be American. Most things are these days. I didn't realise Codemasters is British. If Codemasters was German, it would have closed hours ago, probably dead on midnight. McStanley
  19. To be honest, it will be random and closing and opening time. Look at the re-opening part of the message in the pink box. I quote: "Full service is scheduled to be restored by 20:00 GMT, 9th February 2019". This means that the forum could open to be post stuff tomorrow, for all we know, but it probably won't. McStanley
  20. I thought it would close for posting on the dot at 12:00AM, so I am surprised it's almost 12:00PM and I'm still posting! :D McStanley
  21. Alfa Romeo Racing? Sounds like an odd team in Formula 1. I never thought Alfa Romeo would ever join Formula 1, in a million trillion years! :D McStanley
  22. I thought the forum is read only from today? Perhaps the snow has something to do with it? McStanley
  23. A mixture of episodes, from The Grand Tour, Still Open All Hours and Rip-Off Britain: Holidays. McStanley
  24. Are you joking in jest?! It's on the front of your head. :D McStanley
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