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  1. Have you ever heard of facebook it was kind of a precursor to that back when social media like twitter and such was in it's infancy. Facebook? Tell me more about this Facebook. This so-called Facebook, MBKF1, is a book filled with many photos of people's faces. Understand what Facebook is now? McStanley
  2. Your girlfriend calls Formula E, Formula Washing Machine?! Now that's very funny. I must remember that! :D McStanley
  3. I don't know who it's going to be, but I'm going to give it a damn good shot! :D McStanley
  4. Nope, it's not a Tardis. I do sought of have one of those, for my model railway. It's a Police Box, but it's not a licensed Doctor Who product, but it could get away as a Tardis, I do believe. McStanley
  5. Something that I pre-ordered about a year ago, that I completely forgot about and it arrived in the post this lunchtime, is this. Hornby Skaledale R9878 RAC Kiosk. Image shown is the artwork prototype. McStanley
  6. While the forum is closed for posting, will we be able to click a reaction to a comment and will the reactions continue on to the new forum? McStanley
  7. What so for these 9 days, nobody can make a single post? How does a new forum, stop this happening? It may as well shut completely, as the whole point of a forum is to post and converse to each other. A 'read-only forum' is pretty pointless as if one can't reply, then what's the point of having the forum open?! :# Sorry, I appear to have ranted a bit. Sorry about that. :D McStanley
  8. Ah, OK. so it was not anything to do with your end and your console. Something to do with Xbox, their end. I don't do the live stuff with my PlayStation 4. I just do the insert the disc into the console and play. I do it the "old fashioned way"! :D McStanley
  9. How did they break every single Xbox? McStanley
  10. No, shouldn't thinking like that Hughesy. Your mother's passing is not your fault. It's nobody's fault. The fact you attempted CPR in the middle of the night needs an award itself. I am unsure if I would be able to perform CPR. I would be worried about hurting the person, especially if it somebody I know who I were to do it to. If these words are any comfort to you, which I hope they are, but a few months ago on BBC One, I watched an episode of Ambulance and a paramedic actually said that very few patients who have received CPR, actually survive and live on past a cardiac arrest. Yes, that's
  11. I think I would be tempted to call somebody Homer, who has the surname of Simpson too! :D The 22 year old man who has also passed away is the same age as myself, then. I wish you all the best for the funeral organisation and the funeral itself. Granted, funerals are not very pleasant, especially after losing a loved one, but I hope it goes as well as it can go, for you. McStanley
  12. It's hard to except the loss of somebody when it's so sudden and not really expected. I feel for you and the dog that belonged to your mum. Dog's are amazing. They know when somebody is ill. The dog would have known instantly that something isn't right with your mum and I am sure the dog is as upset as you about what's happened. My thoughts are with you and your family, Hughesy. McStanley
  13. Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry to read this, Hughesy. Giving CPR to your own mother must be a very distressing thing to do. I feel very sorry for you. I hope you recover from your ordeal soon. McStanley
  14. There's nothing worse when you are out and about and you end up purchasing a rubbish and / or terrible cup of coffee. When I have done this, I know not to buy that brand of coffee / buy coffee from that chain again. McStanley
  15. x1 Bachmann Branch-Line 36-2019 Branchline 2019: OO Scale Model Railways Catalogue McStanley
  16. I like this format the Codemasters Forum is in. It looks modern enough for me and I have never seen any past formats of it. I suppose the wish for the forum to stay as it is out of our hands, so I guess we will have to go along with the change, whether we like it or not. McStanley
  17. Sorry about the late reply. Yes, I did read your originally post, but I didn't fully understand it the first time. I don't do social networking websites. McStanley
  18. What do you mean by your mum's email affected by 8 sites, Hughesy? McStanley
  19. Is the data leak from Myspace only or from all websites that need your email address to create an account? By the way, I have never heard of MySpace! :D McStanley
  20. The Grand Tour Season 3 Episode 1: Motown Funk. McStanley
  21. x1 Bachmann Trains Brake Van McStanley - Body is 3 characters too short.
  22. Mine is cluttered up. The image I posted above I copied and pasted from the Hornby website, but I do have that set as my background on my laptop. Each month, there's a new one to download. McStanley
  23. McStanley - Body is 31 characters too short.
  24. x1 Hornby R8157 Hornby Edition Sixty Five - 2019: OO Gauge Model Railways & Accessories Catalogue McStanley
  25. Rip-Off Britain: Holidays - Series 7 Episode 1 and Rip-Off Britain: Holidays - Series 7 Episode 2, both on BBC iPlayer. McStanley
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