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  1. It sounds to me that MBKF1 gets up to some funny experiments in house in Friday nights, if those are regular objects, that one will find! :D McStanley
  2. x1 Hornby R6931 Hornby Wagon - 2019 (Ex-LMS Brake Van) pre-order, as you can see here: McStanley
  3. I pre-ordered LEGO The LEGO Movie 2: Videogame yesterday last year (31/12/2018). Is anybody else getting this? McStanley
  4. Wow. So you are in the future already! It's still 2018 here in the UK. It's 23:17 (11:17pm), so it's Monday 31st December 2018 still here. Not like you Australian's who live in the future, where it's the morning of Tuesday 1st January 2019! :D McStanley
  5. New Video Game Pre-order Purchase - 31/12/2018 - LEGO The LEGO Movie 2: Videogame (PlayStation 4)
  6. x1 LEGO The LEGO Movie 2: Videogame (PlayStation 4) pre-order McStanley
  7. What time is it right now in Australia, KittyFit90? Please do not tell me what time is is / was when this post was posted, please what time it is, when you read this post. Thank you. :) McStanley
  8. Thank you for the link to Amazon.co.uk, but violent films of this type is not my sort of thing. Sorry. McStanley
  9. x2 Bachmann Trains Water Tanker's x1 Bachmann Trains Green Mail Car (Utility Wagon) McStanley
  10. Never heard of it, tbtstt! :D McStanley - Body is 4 characters too short.
  11. Why mention it then, if you can't say what it is?! :D McStanley
  12. What is joke I should have chosen then, flsince08? McStanley
  13. I know what you meaned about a spit roast. I just couldn’t resist in making that reply. It was way too tempting! :D McStanley
  14. I'm glad your mum liked her iPad and I'm sorry to hear about the death of your grandmother. McStanley
  15. You partner is cooking / roasting the roast dinner in spit, KittyFit90?! Count me out of your roast dinner! :o :s :p :D McStanley
  16. x1 Hornby R6609 Hornby 2012 Wagon - Conflat & Container Wagon x1 PECO Model Scene Accessories 5010 Railway Container McStanley
  17. I hope your mum enjoys her new Apple iPad. I am sorry to read about her newly developed illness. McStanley
  18. Is that only a programme that only mad people watch, MBKF1? Are you one of them?! :D McStanley
  19. Thank you both for the information you have both provided, sjsharp2010 and UP100. :) McStanley
  20. Symbian? Linux? Never heard of them! :D McStanley - Body is 3 characters too short.
  21. On the subject of Doctor Who, doctor who?! :D McStanley
  22. I also love Apple's iOS system. I prefer this for mobile devices, hence why I have an iPhone and an iPad. For computers, I have always loved Windows.* * Before anybody mentions, I am talking about the Windows operating system, not windows that you find on the wall of an building! :D McStanley
  23. Good news on the dog and I wish you all the best of shopping for a new Apple iPad! :) McStanley
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