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  1. Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas Special 2011, Christmas Specials 2012, Christmas Specials 2013, Christmas Specials 2014, Christmas Specials 2015, Christmas Specials 2016 and Christmas Specials 2017; All of which are on BBC iPlayer currently. McStanley
  2. Don't talk to me about Apple iPad's. Mine is older than yours. I have the fourth generation iPad with Retina Display, I think mine is called. This was the one released before the Apple iPad Air was released. The battery dies too fast on mine. I had it given to me as an gift in 2013 and I do need a new one now. McStanley
  3. x2 Bachmann OO Gauge Open Wagon's x1 Intel Iris™ Graphics Sticker McStanley
  4. Few. Thank you. :) McStanley - Body is 14 characters too short.
  5. @Hughesy and @MBKF1 OK, I'm sorry and I'm not on drugs. McStanley
  6. 46,000 people have seen Teddy, on what? McStanley
  7. Fantastic photos, Hughesy. :) Body is 4 characters too short. McStanley
  8. Sorry, I didn't watch it. I wouldn't have been able to have recognised you anyway. flsince08, as I don't who you are and what you look like! :D McStanley
  9. Yes, they are model railway rolling stock. McStanley
  10. Purchase from Saturday 01/12/2018: Apple Lightning to USB Cable (1m) Purchases from Sunday 09/12/2018: x1 Bachmann Trains HO Decorated Coach x1 Bachmann Trains HO Open Wagon McStanley
  11. I'm very annoyed now. Was being kind to a bus driver but letting him come through past me, but accidentally caught my Golf's nearside front alloy on the kerb. Nasty chips and deep scratches. Sadly it's gone deep so a cheap scratch repair kit won't be any use. I am now going to have to pay for an alloy repair and full respray. I never did this to my BMW, as this had higher tyre walls, so is harder to damage the alloys on it. The tyre walls on Golf are not very high and is clearly easy to damage the alloys as I've just found out. I am very upset about what's happened. :'( McStanley
  12. My Golf GT TDI is dark blue. Name for it is Atlantic Blue Metallic. Does your mum have the 17' 'Dijon' alloys? I do. I love them. Which spec level do you have, Hughesy? McStanley
  13. Your mum has the Golf GT TDI? Your family do like Golf's! :D I don't believe that my Golf is economical as Volkswagen say it is, but it's more economical than my 2004 BMW 1 Series is. Is your Golf a GT, Hughesy, what colour is yours? Mine is dark blue. Proper name is Atlantic Blue Metallic. McStanley
  14. I know the TSI (Petrol) engines have a better 0-60 time than the TDI’s, but my diesel engine in my Golf is rather surprising with it’s acceleration. I wanted to get the 2.0 TDI. This has better BHP, but being under 25, I was not able to get it in my leasing scheme sadly. McStanley
  15. Yes, I have a diesel. I like diesels. I would say mine is pretty quite for a diesel. I don't like quite engines for two reasons: Reason 1: I love listening to engines. Reason 2: I like to hear the engine when I stopped so I know it's running. Earlier today I was at traffic lights at the front of the queue. Lights changed to green and I thought I had stalled. I didn't and I ended up turning the engine off at a green light, on a 40mph speed limit A road. Not a good idea! :D Also, my Golf is surprising fast for what it is and I was surprised when I picked her up. I have already done 151.9 mil
  16. Picked up my brand new Volkswagen Golf GT TDI (Mk7.5) from the dealership on Thursday 29/11/2018. :) Now I had better start looking at selling my beloved baby and princess; My BMW 1 Series 118D. :'( McStanley
  17. Purchase from Thursday 29/11/2018: Collected my brand new 2018 Volkswagen Golf GT 1.6 TDI. McStanley
  18. I am surprised the puppy did not like the rain and wind. It's his first encounter with it. He doesn't know what it is. McStanley
  19. @Hughesy Thank you for telling us this. Was the puppy alright on his first walkies? Did he like the rain? The rain dreadful today. I was as soggy as a doggy, when I walked from work to the bus stop, earlier this afternoon! :smiley: McStanley
  20. I'm a coffeeholic! I can't stand tea, with milk or none! Gross stuff. McStanley
  21. You certainly do drink a lot tea, to be buying that amount! :D McStanley
  22. x1 Bachmann Trains OO-9 Narrow Gauge Open Wagon x1 Bachmann Trains OO-9 Narrow Gauge Box Van - Blue x1 Bachmann Trains OO-9 Narrow Gauge Box Van - Red x2 Hornby OO Gauge Composite Coaches McStanley
  23. Nice t-shirt. :) Body is 17 characters too short. McStanley
  24. My pre-order of Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 DVD arrived today. I also ordered: x1 OO-9 Narrow Gauge Open Wagon x1 OO-9 Narrow Gauge Box Van - Blue x1 OO-9 Narrow Gauge Box Van - Red McStanley
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