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  1. A very expensive Sterling Sliver Bangle (A present for my mum's 25th Wedding Anniversary). McStanley
  2. Nice car, couger1981. :) Body is 8 characters too short. McStanley 
  3. I find driving is therapeutic, but you still need to be careful doing this, as bringing a mood onto the roads is not a gold. Could cause road rage, etc. McStanley
  4. Yes, this happens to me a lot, quite often. McStanley 
  5. You are very welcome, Lukedfrt I love my BMW 1 Series. <3 McStanley
  6. That’s really kind of the vets to send you a card. McStanley
  7. Sorry to read about the Clio getting written off. The Polo could be cheaper on insurance for a few reasons. It could be newer than the Clio and safer as well, for passengers inside the car, for when it is involved in a crash. McStanley
  8. @Hughesy That drawing is amazing and is so cute. Yes, please post a video of the LED lights in your car. Would love to see that. McStanley
  9. Slight change of colour. Now having Atlantic Blue Metallic. McStanley
  10. Yes, Alfa Romeo’s do look nice, but are very unreliable. McStanley
  11. He looks so cute in that image. :) McStanley
  12. This is one of the most heartbreaking decisions, I have had to make so far in my life, but I have ordered, on lease, a brand new Volkswagen Golf GT 1.6 TDI 5 Speed Manual 5 Door Hatchback (Mk7.5), in Indium Grey Metallic, with 17" 'Dijon' Alloy Wheels. This car is due for delivery in November, to replace my 2004, 54 plate BMW 1 Series 118D, which is my baby. I am super sad and upset to have to replace her already. She is costing me more money than I thought she would, so it's time to change, her sadly. Just thinking about selling her, makes me cry. :'( McStanley
  13. On order is a: Volkswagen Golf GT 1.6 TDI 5 Speed Manual 5 Door Hatchback (Mk7.5) McStanley
  14. Well at least it’s helped you, especially yesterday. McStanley
  15. Good idea. I hope the game helps you to take your mind off your loss. McStanley
  16. I’m sorry this happened. It’s heart breaking have to lose a human and / or a pet. Feel so sorry for you. McStanley
  17. So sorry to read this, Hughesy. The dog does not look well in the photo, you have posted. I feel sorry for you. McStanley
  18. Passed with flying green colours. No fail before. Passed first time this year, which is very good, for an almost 15 year old car. McStanley
  19. x1 MOT Test McStanley                                  
  20. x1 Cataclean Diesel (500ml bottle) x1 BMW M-Sport Black Carbon Fibre 6 Speed Gearknob Together, these come to a total of way over £30.00. McStanley
  21. I want a BMW Z4, I like them. I don’t think they are an old man’s convertible. Plus, you have a 2006 model, so that is one of the last of the last of the second generation that has been Z4 made. McStanley
  22. I have a HP Pavilion something-something-something (Sorry, there are many HP Pavilion laptop's and I can't remember the numbers and letters, that followed the word 'Pavilion' on my model, hence why I said "something-something-something"! :D ). McStanley
  23. Thank you MBKF1. McStanley.                        
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