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  1. x1 Greggs Sausage Roll x1 Lucozade Sport - Orange (500ml bottle) McStanley
  2. Handcuffs? Sounds a bit extreme, MBKF1. Are you having a dressing party of cops and robbers, or are pretending to be a police officer, or are even practicing to be one, so you can get a job as an police officer? :smiley: McStanley
  3. @VirtuaIceMan Nice car collection. You do like your Toyota's! :smiley: McStanley
  4. The very rare coupe Impreza 22B is nice, however, I do prefer the look the 2nd generation Impreza over the 1st. The best of the 1st generation is the coupe model. Somebody around the corner form me used to have an coupe. McStanley
  5. There's nothing better than a Subaru Impreza WRX STi, in the WR Blue Mica, with gold alloys! :smiley: McStanley
  6. @tbtstt I've seen them in black. They also look good in black, but the WR Blue Mica is the signature colour for an Subaru Impreza WRX STi. If am to own one, it would have to be in this colour. I could not physically ever buy one, if it's not in the WR Blue Mica paint. McStanley
  7. I love Mr. Bean. It's one of my favourite comedies. McStanley
  8. I was younger than 16 when I decided I wanted one, but in recent years I have been loving my BMW's. I still love BMW's, but the love Subaru's has come back to me. I saw three different Impreza WRX STi's today, but neither of them were in the WR Blue Mica colour. If I ever get one, it will have to be in the WR Blue Mica. I couldn't get one in another colour. McStanley
  9. DiRTKING808, tbtstt's Scooby-Doo! is better than a WRX! It's a WRX STi. They are different models. WRX STi is the more meatier version and more rarer model, with more horsepower, etc. It's the one every want-to-be Subaru Impreza owner, wants. McStanley
  10. I always wanted one as kid and you have reminded me of my love for them! :smile: How old is your Scooby and how many miles has she done? McStanley
  11. Is that really your Subaru Impreza WRX STi, tbtstt? I would love on those, in the WRC Blue Mica colour. They look great in this colour and are fantastic cars. I would love to own, as a second car. McStanley
  12. x100 LEGO Round 1 Stud Pieces (White) x100 LEGO Round 1 Stud Pieces (Black) McStanley
  13. x1 pre-order of LEGO Disney Pixar The Incredibles: Minifigure Edition (PlayStation 4) McStanley
  14. x1 KFC Popcorn Chicken Snackbox and a Medium Pepsi McStanley
  15. Yes flsince08, Greggs Sausage Rolls are 90p. Some Greggs stress have chairs and tables, but if they do not many. Two of the three stores in the town I live in, have three tables in each, but every time I have been in them, they are always taken. So if I was to pay the eat in charge, I would end up standing up and eating in the shop, anyway. Besides, 90p for a sausage roll is expensive enough, so I don't want to pay 20p more for it, when I don't have to! :smiley: I hate it when you have to pay for toilets too. We all use them, yet the council's think it's strange we have to do our business,
  16. WOW! I can't believe how popular my purchases have been. Strange, but funny at the same time! Greggs Sausage Rolls have gone up in price in recent years, I can remember paying years ago, £0.60. Now, at current day, they are £0.90 to take away and £1.10 to eat in. I always take away. I can't justify spending £0.20 more, to eat a sausage roll in the shop, when it only takes a couple of minutes, to do so! :smiley: McStanley
  17. Shell V-Power Diesel (28.06 litres) x1 Greggs Sausage Roll x1 Coca-Cola Classic (500ml bottle) x1 LEGO Jurassic World (PlayStation 4) x1 Lucozade Sport - Orange (500ml bottle) x1 Mars Milk (338ml bottle) x1 KFC Popcorn Chicken Snack Box x1 KFC Medium Pepsi (No ice) McStanley
  18. That’s why I got her. I like the faithful type.  ;) Thanks. Yes, I like faithful and reliable cars, that's why I have enjoy and love my BMW! McStanley
  19. Thank you for the comments, everyone! :) McStanley
  20. Still a good reliable car though. One that won't break down, DiRTKING808. McStanley
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