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  1. The most TV programme's I have been watching recently, is Rip-Off Britain: Food Series 5, on BBC One. McStanley
  2. x1 The Mountain Between Us DVD (Another present for my mum! :smiley:) McStanley
  3. Why? didn't you think you would hear, or in this case read, the word's 'Matt Cardle' again?! McStanley
  4. x1 Matt Cardle: Time to Be Alive CD pre-order (Not for me, it's a present for my mum. I don't listen to this kind of music! :smiley: )
  5. Dearie me. That sounds nasty. Good job you stopped to help out. I did this a few months ago, when witnessed the crash. Most people drive off and don't care that somebody could be injured. They drive off and just think of themselves. There's a lot of selfish people about today. I try and do my best to help someone out in anyway, shape or form. Your post Hughesy, has reminded me of the terrible bus crash in Cheltenham, last Friday, as you can read about here: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/132664/marchants-of-cheltenham-spa-bus-crash-optare-versa-yj59-nnr#latest/. McStanley
  6. I didn't know about this fire in 2003. They still have a live website, so they still exist: http://www.petersfood.co.uk/main.asp/. McStanley
  7. Fire? Was it a factory or warehouse fire? McStanley
  8. @flsince08 Have Peter's gone bust, have they? I didn't know that. McStanley
  9. Sorry, I have never had it! :smiley: McStanley  
  10. Thanks for the information! :)  McStanley  
  11. 3rd! I think a sausage roll from Greggs is the best. What's your first and second favourite then? McStanley
  12. x1 Greggs Sausage Roll x1 Lucozade Sport - Orange (500ml bottle) McStanley
  13. Never heard of it! :smiley: McStanley             
  14. Very funny, Operator1! :smiley: McStanley.      
  15. I can imagine! :smiley: McStanley               
  16. x1 Walkers Ready Salted 32g pack x1 Walls Magnum White x2 Lucozade Sport - Orange 500ml bottles McStanley
  17. Not another gluten free person! I know to many gluten free people, already! :smiley: McStanley
  18. Hornby Blue Platform Accessories (Electric Buggy, Trailer, Weighing Machine and Sack Truck) McStanley
  19. x1 Bachmann Branch-Line 32-751 Class 57 Diesel Virgin Trains Thunderbirds 57301 'Scott Tracy' x1 Bachmann Branch-Line 32-760 Class 57 Diesel Virgin Trains Thunderbirds 57307 'Lady Penelope' McStanley
  20. I agree with DiRTKING808, in the way that Hughesy's dog River, is very cute. :) McStanley
  21. DiRTKING808, my dog is in the same situation. 10 years of age and has the energy of a young puppy. My dog is also showing her age. She has a lot grey and white fur on her now. Not much black fur left on her, anymore! :) My dog's name is Millie by the way. Hughesy, same as mine. My dog's previous owners, who are our friends barely ever walked Millie and when they did, it would be mostly around the black. They never trained her properly and gave her lots of nasty habits, which she still has today, sadly. We rescued her in April 2011, when she came to us for a 2 week holiday that she neve
  22. I feel sorry for you, Hughesy. Your dog looks very cute. May I ask you his / her name? My dog only recently turned 10. That's 50 in doggy years. I dread to think what I will be like when my dog becomes ill and eventually passes. Currently, she is in tip top health, but that won't last forever, sadly. By the way, the 'Like' of your post is in general a good thing. It was that or a 'Dislike', which is a bad thing, but will give you bad points. I liked it in the way of the post, not in the way of liking what is happening to your poor little doggy. I hope you understand what I mean. McStanley
  23. My favourite music group is The Wurzels. My two favourite songs from them are: 'I Want to Be An Eddie Stobart Driver' and 'I Want to Join the Eddie Stobart Fan Club'. My other favourite songs from The Wurzels, below these two songs are, in no particular order: 'The Combine Harvester', 'I Am a Cider Drinker', 'Morning Glory', 'Farmer Bill's Cowman', 'You Don't Get Drunk on a Saturday Night', 'My Threshing Machine', 'I'd Love to Swim in the Zuider Zee', 'I've Got My Beady Little Eye on Thee', 'The Market Gardener', 'The Back of My Old Car', 'Wurple-Diddle'I-Do' and 'I'll Never Get a Scrumpy Here
  24. OK, sorry MBKF1. :neutral: McStanley              
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