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  1. Very funny, Operator1! :smiley: No, I'm not on a shopping spree and no, when I make purchases they don't automatically give a new post on this thread. Those are purchases I have made in the within the past two weeks. The Lucozade I did buy early today though, as I was feeling thirsty, when I was out! :smiley: McStanley
  2. Shell V-Power Diesel McStanley             
  3. Eddie Stobart Scania R Series Truck Air Freshener McStanley
  4. Lucozade Sport - Orange (x1 500ml bottle) McStanley
  5. It's in the title! What car do you own? I own a 2004 BMW 1 Series 118D. You?  McStanley
  6. That's the brand new generation of the Ford Fiesta. Much prefer the previous generation (2008 - 2017), than this new one. The new generation looks really weird. Talking about buying real cars, I bought one recently, too! :) McStanley
  7. @Hughsey and @sjsharp2010 I see. So you can talk about anything, in any topic and subject in this thread then, whether it's about video games or not? McStanley
  8. I don't understand what the main theme of topic, this thread is about. Can anyone enlighten me on this, please? Thank you in advanced. McStanley
  9. Good image you have here, of a Subaru Impreza WRX STi. I love this car. McStanley
  10. Yes, I am keen model railway collector. This is my main hobby, way before video games. Sorry to disappoint. I have a massive collection, that eBay Buyer's would love! :D I tried that, but it didn't work, or I didn't know how to work it! McStanley
  11. Two new games, for my PlayStation 4: DiRT 4 Gran Turismo Sport McStanley
  12. iRacing? What's iRacing? Something made by Apple?! :D McStanley
  13. @JZStudios Thank you for your help, but I no longer have those games anymore, so it doesn't matter. Tempted to get rid of the PlayStation 2. I never use it, plus I have a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 now. I don't need three consoles! :D McStanley
  14. @stephensmattlee Yes, it would be nice to see what Colin could of had in store for us. We probably would have had a proper DiRT game every two years,@stephensmattlee Maybe the games could be even better than they are if they had his input. These things, I think however, are stuff we will never ever know. @carpa I don't think DiRT 5 will come out next year. If we get another DiRT video game next year, something tells me it will be a third spin-off, to go with DiRT: Showdown and DiRT Rally. Let's go back to the first three DiRT video games, the main first three, in the series: Colin McRae
  15. This is my current desktop image, I am using: https://www.hornby.com/media/wysiwyg/Hornby/Wallpapers/2017/Oct/Oct-Hornby_1366x768--.jpg McStanley
  16. My latest purchase was three coaches and an open wagon, for my other hobby of OO Gauge Model Railway's. The coaches and the open wagon are made by Hornby. McStanley
  17. You helped very well. Thank you. McStanley
  18. Thank you so much for that link, stephensmattlee. I think I will find myself ordering DiRT 4, from that website tonight! :) McStanley
  19. Thank you so much for posting those pages on Gran Turismo Sport, Alf22. I am really, really excited for my pre-order of it to arrive. Also, I need to get DiRT 4, as soon as possible too! Not good news for the bank account though! :) McStanley
  20. I love the topic title of this thread, 'DiRTy'! That's a good play on a word! Yes, I remember playing Colin McRae Rally 04 and Colin McRae Rally 2005, on my PlayStation 2. I enjoyed both. I no longer have these games, but I am not sure if I would enjoy playing them, not because they are bad games, because I don't think they are, but playing games on PlayStation 2's are just so boring because consoles are way out date now and become even more out of date when plug one into a flat screen HD TV, which makes the picture become a massive fuzz-ball! McStanley
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