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  1. DiRTFanNo.1

    [Spoilers] The Grand Tour Megathread

    What has girlfriends got to do with The Grand Tour? DiRTFanNo.1
  2. DiRTFanNo.1

    [Spoilers] The Grand Tour Megathread

    Yes, I'm talking the red three wheeled car crash. I had feeling it would get wrecked too, but I am unsure if it's real or not. I will take you word for it @tbtstt, but Richard has two very big crashes, so he could always have an third. DiRTFanNo.1
  3. DiRTFanNo.1

    What was your last purchase

    X1 Johnny English Strikes Again DVD DiRTFanNo.1
  4. DiRTFanNo.1

    What Car Do You Own?

    Nice car @SirPhilMcKraken. DiRTFanNo.1
  5. DiRTFanNo.1

    Latest Movie/Tv show you watched

    The tribute to Jim Clark was in Episode 5 actually, SirPhilMcKraken. DiRTFanNo.1
  6. DiRTFanNo.1

    The Stuff Thread

    @Lukedfrt I take it that you live in the UK? Car insurance is messed up in the UK. Most likely the Fox is newer than the Clio and this is the case, it will be safer and stronger in a crash, in which case means lower on insurance. Also age is a biggest factor with insurance. You would have been younger when you insuranced the Clio too, so you are getting older so this also reduces your insurance premium, providing you don’t make any claims. Insurance is very unpredictable in the UK, in terms of prices, which I believe can change daily, which somebody told me. I am unsure if this is true or not. DiRTFanNo.1
  7. DiRTFanNo.1

    Latest Movie/Tv show you watched

    Mrs. Brown’s Boys. DiRTFanNo.1
  8. DiRTFanNo.1

    What Car Do You Own?

    I agree! If the garage wasn’t full of my dad’s stuff, my car would be in the garage too! DiRTFanNo.1
  9. DiRTFanNo.1

    What Car Do You Own?

    Where do you store her? In a garage? DiRTFanNo.1
  10. DiRTFanNo.1

    What Car Do You Own?

    Cool! 😎 Any new or newer images of it? DiRTFanNo.1
  11. DiRTFanNo.1

    WRC 2019 Thread

    OK, I understand. I just thought it would be like swearing, in example that you go to a supermarket but you shout the name of another supermarket inside of it. That’s an example of the swearing I am talking about. DiRTFanNo.1
  12. DiRTFanNo.1

    [Spoilers] The Grand Tour Megathread

    How do you know that? Richard said at the very end, before the credits, that he is “OK and uninsured”, so this implies to me that he was in the car when it crashed and that it was not staged. DiRTFanNo.1
  13. DiRTFanNo.1

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Dream come true

    You sound very excited about DiRT Rally 2.0. So am I! DiRTFanNo.1
  14. DiRTFanNo.1

    [Spoilers] The Grand Tour Megathread

    *This comment may contain spoilers - Do not read this comment if you have not seen The Grand Tour Season 3 Episode 6: Chinese Food for Thought, but you intend to watch it.* What did everyone think of this week's episode, released yesterday (Friday 15/02/2019), The Grand Tour Season 3 Episode 6: Chinese Food for Thought. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode a lot, which was focused around China in the whole episode. I did not know that Richard Hammond has had another big crash; Yes, a third big one. I did know he had this one until I saw this episode. DiRTFanNo.1
  15. DiRTFanNo.1

    WRC 2019 Thread

    WRC? Is not mentioning WRC, on the Codemasters Community DiRT Games General Discussion Forum a bit like swearing?! 😂 🤣 DiRTFanNo.1