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  1. do the v3 pedals have the vibration when losing traction or about to lock up n f1 2019? they ahve the feature but is it supported on this years game?
  2. so every time i get off the line no matter what methods i use i always get bad starts compared to pad users? anyone else having this issue
  3. softy94

    WHEEL is BAD off the line? pad OP?

    i have tested it. on wheel iv tried diff ERS and engne modes an then iv got friend who uses a pad always gets better starts no along with iv used both and defo get better starts on a pad
  4. softy94

    WHEEL is BAD off the line? pad OP?

    fair enough everytime my friends race who uses controllers they always get good strats compared to mine
  5. so iv complete a league and got nothing for it? how do u then unlock the trophy, i won the league and did 5 short tracks and got nothing and nothing was in the mail box to claim either
  6. trying max out either one is far to slow? anyway this can be boosted to get them hihger faster @Faya
  7. i had the same issues, u need to go to the main menu and bottom left u need to read your emails. there it says u can claim your trophies. hope this helps
  8. softy94

    PS4 Trophies Glitched - F1 2019 [R2]

    theres around 5 of so trophies that are glitched and its so fustrating. along with we are getting no news on if these trophys wll ever get fixed.....
  9. so one trophy is complete a featured event however what is this? nobod has unlocked the trophy for it
  10. so on the last game u could get the number 1 on your car if u win the WDC in online however now its only for single player or if your in a league, anyway can this be updated so we can get it anyway? @Faya
  11. softy94

    Achievements not unlocking?

    i believe u must complete a race after it changes to A ratng a gold then it unlocks at least it did on ps4
  12. whats better when using a wheel having it on or off?
  13. a list below is the ps4 trophies not unlocking - first amongst rivala - completed the season and won the championship yet it didnt unlock - weekend warrior - completed all events in the weekly GP and got the other trophy for all events makes no sense - featured racer - possibly glitched? dont event know what this is however 0.01% have it - first ten down - done way more than 10 online races in ranked and unranked - you got one! - win a league medel? i won a league by doing 5 races and didnt get anything at all @Faya
  14. softy94

    F1 2019 Thrustmaster T500 issue

    calibrate your wheel before going onto the game
  15. softy94

    t300 wheel settings?

    whats everyones wheel settings? my t300 feels terrible barely any feedback on if its gonna lock up or rear sliding its its getting very annoying now
  16. softy94

    enhanced understeer on or off?

    very informatve reply mate, this isnt about ranting about it...
  17. so whats the best method for deploying fuel and ers? last game switching to low and non ers for corners was best but now u seem to lose so much
  18. softy94

    t300 wheel settings?

    its a mssasive pain as cant push due to not knowing what the cars may or ay not d
  19. this is also a bug iv had, very frustrating @Faya
  20. softy94

    Trophy Cabinet

    theres no list however if you go on to the main 'home' page and go to your emails your can 'claim' your trophys and put them on your profile. you earn them from winning career races at each circuit, winnng f2, winning f1 WDC etc
  21. so v won the WDC in career mode and a league aswell yet they are not showing up in the trophy cabinet and i cant pick them to show on it either???
  22. so when u answer questions from the media sometimes the answers give u either sportsmanship or showmanship but hows the bet way to rank each up faster?
  23. so the ps4 trophy require u to register a TT entry at every track and iv done them all in dry conditiions and its not unlocked?
  24. softy94

    F1 2015 youtuber

    hey guys im a small youtuber who does F1 videos, il be doing videos in HD when F1 2015 comes out and more than likely will be doing videos on fast setups as i have done for previous F1 games, career mode, co-op and some other ideas that im thinking about, id appreciate you guys taking a look at my channel and if it sounds like your sort of channel which i hope it does feel free to subscribe or give me CONSTRUCTIVE criticism   here the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-xkDmo09LesEngOXZfcotA
  25. http://youtu.be/6wMfiMxEdMs setup is in the description, the setup can do a 37 if you get a good and clean lap, il be doing setups on 2015 when it's released so subscribe