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    2014 setups Bahrain 1:31.953

    http://youtu.be/YExSSI47G7k my lap at Bahrain of a 1:31.953 subscribe to my channel for for more online setups
  2. softy94

    2014 setups Bahrain online 1:31.953

    http://youtu.be/YExSSI47G7k my lap at Bahrain of a 1:31.953 subscribe to my channel for for more online setups.
  3. http://youtu.be/YExSSI47G7k here's my lap including setup around Bahrain, if you like subscribe for more
  4. Monaco allows you to wall grind around the track and this allows for faster times in quali http://youtu.be/DTjBWihnwDc here's the vid dunno if it happened on previous games
  5. softy94


    Online lag is bad, just did KL and there was no car near me the closest was 2.2 behind he then lagged in front of me by 2 tenths then disappeared then I shoved him into the gravel even tho I couldn't see him...
  6. softy94

    Slipstream is OP

    It seems on 2014 the slipstream is to strong, players that are over 1 second slower in quali are easily able to stay with me during the race thanks to the slipstream such as Austria and Bahrain as prime examples. Aswell as for Austria if 2 drivers ahead are close enough to each of for a slipstream and are not overtaking each other and losing time but are swapping places without costing each other they can still pull away massively thanks to my lack of slipstream 
  7. softy94

    Project CARS

    PCARS career mode part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDNw4dTF0-A
  8. softy94

    Project CARS

    PCARS pitlane GLITCH that iv found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m17OxSS2i90
  9. softy94

    The Game Thread!

    id recommend PCARS here a nice little video to get u into it, defo a very fun game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P15g5x-C_4
  10. softy94

    Project CARS

    check out this insane day/night transition its soo dark looks soo good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P15g5x-C_4
  11. subbed, check out my channel :) (link is in my signature 
  12. softy94

    F1 2015 official informaton youtube video

    Keep going at it... i am subcribed to your youtube channel. I can watch em from my PS4 or Xbox One. You should also check out some other people here.. for example: AlexBishop, Intothebarrier,  Team VV ect. these guys do a great job... and some of there videos are quite funny. thanks, yh i do watch alot of  F1 youtubers, my channel is gonna be mainly racing games but also other games and types of videos
  13. softy94

    F1 2015 official informaton youtube video

    well getting my ps4 this week so now il be able to record in HD :) 
  14. softy94

    Pro Season- Completely Unfair !

    il be getting f1 2015  it sounds it will be better than 2014 (it couldnt get any worse) but il also get PCARS
  15. softy94

    Project CARS

    il be doing career mode, impressions, online, league races ALL on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-xkDmo09LesEngOXZfcotA   and by god im so excited for this game :D
  16. softy94

    Pro Season- Completely Unfair !

    for me multiplayer the the only important aspect for me, single player game modes get repitive very very fast 
  17. softy94

    Two things

    online for me is the most important
  18. softy94

    Project CARS

    hopefully its awesome
  19. softy94

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    the career mode as we know it wont be part of the game e.g. your own player, instead you will play as a current driver, tbh im not to bothered seeing as after 1 season of career i was already bored of it and for me multiplayer is far more important 
  20. softy94

    F1 2015 official informaton youtube video

    tbh atm i cant record hd as iv not got a capture device once i get my ps4 it will b better,  being a small channel likes and sislikes dont really bother me people can like or dislike if they choose. as for only getting that many views thanks to posting on here that may or may not be true BUT this is for codies f1 games and relevant stuff so it was a good place to post
  21. softy94

    F1 2015 official informaton youtube video

    1200 views :) if u want me to do more info videos on F1 2015 let me know either on this thread or on the comment section of the video
  22. controller has hidden TC no matter what u do but wheel users are still faster, germany wheel users can do low 1:14s and good wheel usere can do low 1:13s no controller using can matc that
  23. softy94

    F1 2015 youtuber

    what do u enjoy about career mode? the problem i have with it is that it gets boring so fast there no real need to play more than 1 season
  24. softy94

    F1 2015 official informaton youtube video

    guys this video now has 1000 views i know for many of you it wont means much but just want to say thank you for all of you who checked it out :smiley: 
  25. softy94

    F1 2015 youtuber

    tbh i hope they dont do career mode it gets boring after 1 season multiplayer caan when driving with clean drivers is very good and more fun