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  1. my lap of germany including a fast setup, im a controller/pad user so this will be slow for good wheel users setup is in the districption . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3O1FFQjItc&list=UU-xkDmo09LesEngOXZfcotA
  2. The pad/controller IS NOT FASTER, Malaysia, china, Bahrain, Spain, Germany, Britain, Belgium, Brazil the WHEEL is easily faster by a big margin with a decent player at the wheel so don't say the controller/pad is faster it really isn't, the only time wheel users who use no TC lose out is at the start!
  3. U can't lock up or at least any speed above 10mph which makes it useless if you use a controller/pad we have a dumbed down handling which makes it boring and no fun run high and large brakes and you still won't lock up
  4. This. Funny how the wheel users weren't moaning when they were smashing the pad users by several seconds a lap. I myself am a pad user, they need to tweak it so it's a big more fair for both camps 
  5. It seems on 2014 the slipstream is to strong, players that are over 1 second slower in quali are easily able to stay with me during the race thanks to the slipstream such as Austria and Bahrain as prime examples. Aswell as for Austria if 2 drivers ahead are close enough to each of for a slipstream and are not overtaking each other and losing time but are swapping places without costing each other they can still pull away massively thanks to my lack of slipstream 
  6. The setup is in the description, saving up for a capture card hopefully will have one in the coming weeks, tbh iv found this setup is the best ATM, I would do the setup properly but I do it on my phone do that's the best it can be for the moment 
  7. http://youtu.be/YExSSI47G7k here's my lap including setup around Bahrain, if you like subscribe for more
  8. http://youtu.be/YExSSI47G7k my lap at Bahrain of a 1:31.953 subscribe to my channel for for more online setups.
  9. http://youtu.be/YExSSI47G7k my lap at Bahrain of a 1:31.953 subscribe to my channel for for more online setups
  10. The controller isn't as 'dominant' as many believe e.g Germany wheel users can do 1:13s where as controller users can only get mid to high 14s some tracks such as silverstone the wheel is faster but other tracks pad is faster
  11. softy94


    Online lag is bad, just did KL and there was no car near me the closest was 2.2 behind he then lagged in front of me by 2 tenths then disappeared then I shoved him into the gravel even tho I couldn't see him...
  12. Monaco allows you to wall grind around the track and this allows for faster times in quali http://youtu.be/DTjBWihnwDc here's the vid dunno if it happened on previous games
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