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  1. this games FFB on a wheel is the worst of any f1 game to date. u cant feel if the cars under-steering or over-steering until u visually see it which by that point its to late. the FFB in single player and TT is better than any online lobbies

    tried all different wheel settings and it makes no difference to feeling what car is actually doing. iv also tried the pad and u get more feedback of what the cars doing.

    any tips?

    platform - PS4 PRO

    wheel - T300RS with ferrari rim and T3PA-PRO pedals

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  2. Zombie said:
    softy94 said:
    well getting my ps4 this week so now il be able to record in HD :) 

    Keep going at it... i am subcribed to your youtube channel. I can watch em from my PS4 or Xbox One. You should also check out some other people here.. for example: AlexBishop, Intothebarrier,  Team VV ect. these guys do a great job... and some of there videos are quite funny.
    thanks, yh i do watch alot of  F1 youtubers, my channel is gonna be mainly racing games but also other games and types of videos

  3. the career mode as we know it wont be part of the game e.g. your own player, instead you will play as a current driver, tbh im not to bothered seeing as after 1 season of career i was already bored of it and for me multiplayer is far more important 

  4. no disrespect  softy94 but 1200 view is good but when you have more dislikes then likes by 50% you need to think about that, and recording your screen with a mobile in 2015 really... 
    only reason you have them 1200 views is from your title of your post in this forum 
    but good luck 
    tbh atm i cant record hd as iv not got a capture device once i get my ps4 it will b better,  being a small channel likes and sislikes dont really bother me people can like or dislike if they choose. as for only getting that many views thanks to posting on here that may or may not be true BUT this is for codies f1 games and relevant stuff so it was a good place to post

  5. Well C|M will probably lose a lot of sales without one . I kinow that if there isn't a career/story then I won't be buying.
    what do u enjoy about career mode? the problem i have with it is that it gets boring so fast there no real need to play more than 1 season