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  1. On 8/26/2019 at 9:05 PM, Camza2011 said:

    maybe you are just bad at starts. The only way to know for sure is to get someone who can use both to test it.

    i have tested it. on wheel iv tried diff ERS and engne modes an then iv got friend who uses a pad always gets better starts no along with iv used both and defo get better starts on a pad

  2. a list below is the ps4 trophies not unlocking


    - first amongst rivala - completed the season and won the championship yet it didnt unlock


    - weekend warrior - completed all events in the weekly GP and got the other trophy for all events makes no sense


    - featured racer - possibly glitched? dont event know what this is however 0.01% have it


    - first ten down - done way more than 10 online races in ranked and unranked


    - you got one! - win a league medel? i won a league by doing 5 races and didnt get anything at all



  3. 16 minutes ago, Braga640 said:

    Understeer enhance should be an assist! for noobs then we’ll see how many of these Esports drivers would actually qualify for the Event. 


    When do do you see in real f1 any driver mention it. it like an assist and it defo gains you an advantage when you learn to use it to you advantage.

    if you need this aid to drive your a complete noob end of 

    very informatve reply mate, this isnt about ranting about it...

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  4. 1 hour ago, itsBjay said:

    i have the same problem, i lock up like every corner and also nearly lose the car coming out of every slow corner.

    its a mssasive pain as  cant push due to not knowing what the cars may or ay not d

  5. theres no list however if you go on to the main 'home' page and go to your emails your can 'claim' your trophys and put them on your profile. you earn them from winning career races at each circuit, winnng f2, winning f1 WDC etc

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