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  1. hey guys just a quick review of the round 2 at OZ for our league https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLsAxY64Dxo
  2. softy94

    cant see clubs page now???

    so since yesterdray codies have changed the website and now cant see the 'clubs section'?
  3. so since yesterday we know cant see the 'clubs' page to see the results of leagues???
  4. softy94

    F1 2020 Breakdown video

    hey guys my quick breakdown vid of the info of f1 2020 https://youtu.be/dZbJQ9fUF84
  5. softy94

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    the big problem is pad users have better traction. off the line they get very good starts and out of slow corners. i get most players are pad users however if soemone on a pad is faster than a wheel user due to hidden assist by a big margin then that needs fixing.
  6. softy94

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    this games FFB on a wheel is the worst of any f1 game to date. u cant feel if the cars under-steering or over-steering until u visually see it which by that point its to late. the FFB in single player and TT is better than any online lobbies tried all different wheel settings and it makes no difference to feeling what car is actually doing. iv also tried the pad and u get more feedback of what the cars doing. any tips? platform - PS4 PRO wheel - T300RS with ferrari rim and T3PA-PRO pedals
  7. do the v3 pedals have the vibration when losing traction or about to lock up n f1 2019? they ahve the feature but is it supported on this years game?
  8. so every time i get off the line no matter what methods i use i always get bad starts compared to pad users? anyone else having this issue
  9. softy94

    WHEEL is BAD off the line? pad OP?

    i have tested it. on wheel iv tried diff ERS and engne modes an then iv got friend who uses a pad always gets better starts no along with iv used both and defo get better starts on a pad
  10. softy94

    WHEEL is BAD off the line? pad OP?

    fair enough everytime my friends race who uses controllers they always get good strats compared to mine
  11. so iv complete a league and got nothing for it? how do u then unlock the trophy, i won the league and did 5 short tracks and got nothing and nothing was in the mail box to claim either
  12. trying max out either one is far to slow? anyway this can be boosted to get them hihger faster @Faya
  13. i had the same issues, u need to go to the main menu and bottom left u need to read your emails. there it says u can claim your trophies. hope this helps
  14. softy94

    PS4 Trophies Glitched - F1 2019 [R2]

    theres around 5 of so trophies that are glitched and its so fustrating. along with we are getting no news on if these trophys wll ever get fixed.....
  15. so one trophy is complete a featured event however what is this? nobod has unlocked the trophy for it
  16. so on the last game u could get the number 1 on your car if u win the WDC in online however now its only for single player or if your in a league, anyway can this be updated so we can get it anyway? @Faya
  17. softy94

    Achievements not unlocking?

    i believe u must complete a race after it changes to A ratng a gold then it unlocks at least it did on ps4
  18. whats better when using a wheel having it on or off?
  19. a list below is the ps4 trophies not unlocking - first amongst rivala - completed the season and won the championship yet it didnt unlock - weekend warrior - completed all events in the weekly GP and got the other trophy for all events makes no sense - featured racer - possibly glitched? dont event know what this is however 0.01% have it - first ten down - done way more than 10 online races in ranked and unranked - you got one! - win a league medel? i won a league by doing 5 races and didnt get anything at all @Faya
  20. softy94

    F1 2019 Thrustmaster T500 issue

    calibrate your wheel before going onto the game
  21. softy94

    t300 wheel settings?

    whats everyones wheel settings? my t300 feels terrible barely any feedback on if its gonna lock up or rear sliding its its getting very annoying now
  22. softy94

    enhanced understeer on or off?

    very informatve reply mate, this isnt about ranting about it...
  23. so whats the best method for deploying fuel and ers? last game switching to low and non ers for corners was best but now u seem to lose so much
  24. softy94

    t300 wheel settings?

    its a mssasive pain as cant push due to not knowing what the cars may or ay not d
  25. this is also a bug iv had, very frustrating @Faya