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  1. I think sector 2 in Portugal is a problem to, can someone confirm ?
  2. Does anyone know if this problem been fixed with new patch 1.07?
  3. I’m having same problem In single player career mode. Im on 102 AI, every track I seem to Be half a second slower in one of sectors. Sector 2 in silverstone I’m half a second slow. Austria sector 3 again half a second slow. AI seems to be quicker on high downforce sections of the tracks. I’ve tried everything
  4. Nothing wrong with AI tyre wear. Change car set up. Please don't patch tyre wear it's perfect 
  5. Handle is great, enjoying the game this year :-) 
  6. At first I really did thought it was problem with AI not wearing there tyres out, they were going 10 laps longer than me. Like Craig says lower the anti roll bars. I have my front anti roll bar at 3. Back bar about 4 to 5. The camber for traction and acceleration I have it half way or to the right. Having way over to left is going to wear your tyres out. 
  7. It's all about the set up of car. Makes a big difference. 
  8. I've been playing f1 2014 for just over week. Great game! 
  9. When I first played this game I had the same problem. I changed the set up of the car and no longer have quick tyre wear. I last just as long the AI do. I'm using expert level with all assists off. Career mode with williams team. 
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