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  1. F1 2020 

    I wasn’t going to buy this year game because I hated the ERS.

    Please I decided to its got everything and even changed the ERS. F1 2020 is huge step forward and it’s great to feel the cars stick to the track better and feels great on the wheel.

    Team Career mode is awesome 👍

    Thanks Codemasters 👍


  2. 10 hours ago, CarlosSantos87 said:

    Exactly a Survey like this above its exactly what Codemasters have to do.. Right Now 75 % of People are asking /wishing an F1 Sim Game 🙏🙏.. That means a lot already.. Fully supported by myself.. Congratulations for Who had this idea in making this specific Survey 😃😃

    Thanks mate was my idea to do survey and the mod kindly put it on this topic page for me 😊

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  3. Remember people to cast your vote on this page be interesting to see what everyone wants from F1 Codemasters. 

    These days we have very good hardware with Fanatec wheels also Thrustmaster. I remember the early years of elastic bands inside the wheel with no force feedback 😂 

    I’ve got nothing against Codemasters I love the Dirt rally games my favourite being Dirt 2.0 F1 games are good with career mode and graphics are good and they all have the fun factor. It’s the physics the handling which needs much improvement. Car setups need changing the ERS need to be realistic.

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  4. 3 hours ago, UP100 said:

    @Hill0 I've hidden the other thread and added the poll here, as I know this thread will get significantly more action compared to a thread with a generic title and no one replying to it 🙂 

    Thank you I didn’t know how to add the poll on here 👍

  5. 15 hours ago, RaceMyZaru said:

    To be fair his first mistake was getting a real response from Kimi

    But all those young F1 drivers picking up the game now, spending significant hours in it, should be asked about the most obvious flaws from an F1 driver's perspective. They know what their cars should feel like - corner speeds, gears, traction on dry and wet, behaviour of tyres after so many laps, slipperiness of particular kerbs etc.

    Codemasters really needs to seize this opportunity to adjust the game's handling even if they can't turn the game into a sim for now.

    I do remember Kimi saying game is S**t. From what I’ve read Lando and Max think it is to.

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  6. Well I haven’t been on this forum for 2 weeks, very surprised to comeback on this morning and found all these comments on my post wow I’m amazed and pleased to see how my post become a great topic between arcade and sim.

    I use to race in 125cc gear shift karts when I was younger. I wanted to climb the ladder in motorsports. Unfortunately I was hit by health problem which took me out of racing.

    So I decided racing on computer was next best thing for me, even tho I ain’t great at it but I enjoy all types of racing. 

    When I race on console or PC I want that experience of what it’s like to race a car the handling the sound. So far for me only thing that’s come close to what I look for is project cars 2. I haven’t tried IRacing yet but heard great things about it. Dirt rally 2.0 is brilliant and also WRC 8 but only project cars 2 is close to what I look for. 

    I’ve played all the F1 games from Codemasters but still ain’t good like Microprose GP2 and EASports f1. The ERS changing it every corner on every lap isn’t real. It’s what I think annoying and can’t focus on my driving. In league racing it’s not about driving it’s about ERS. I think it sucks. They brought it out again in F1 2020 and for first time ever I won’t be buying. 

    Im looking forward to Project cars 3 and hope it won’t be arcade like F1 also looking forward to asserto Corsa coming out in July! 

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  7. I’m now looking into Iracing. I love racing, when I do play racing games I like racing to be close as it can be to real thing, Surly that’s what people look for when playing a sim from flying an airplane to racing a car? 

  8. I like to know if you will ever make a formula 1 sim game?

    Im also hope that you sorted out ERS because in real life they don’t change ERS Manuel.

    All the f1 games every year been arcade and it be great if you can do a sim version?

    Knowing you brought Mad Studio ( project cars) I hope you won’t be making Project cars 3 in to an arcade! 

    Thanks in advance.




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  9. At first I really did thought it was problem with AI not wearing there tyres out, they were going 10 laps longer than me. Like Craig says lower the anti roll bars. I have my front anti roll bar at 3. Back bar about 4 to 5. The camber for traction and acceleration I have it half way or to the right. Having way over to left is going to wear your tyres out. 

  10. When I first played this game I had the same problem. I changed the set up of the car and no longer have quick tyre wear. I last just as long the AI do. I'm using expert level with all assists off. Career mode with williams team.