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  1. Thanks for the info it’s best way someone to explained it so far to me. Going use lower diff in Monaco. Off throttle not sure about guess it’s the same ?
  2. Thanks for this post, try it later. I’m doing league racing next race Monaco. Does this apply to off throttle to ? Thanks.
  3. Hill0

    What's wrong with multiplayer?

    Got same problem nobody on it. They did an online update this afternoon and since then nothing worked
  4. I’m still confused is putting the bar all the way to the right max camber causing more tyre wear or the other way round?
  5. Hill0

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    At first I was spinning off and kept going wide out of corners, now after so much practice I’ve got hang of it had no problems since. Didn’t enjoy game at first but now it’s great game. I do think ERS needs to be looked at because according to Lando Norris they don’t change ERS and only have overtake button. Driver transfers are great idea however would be better if it was only end of season. Revs in 8th gears seem to be low AI straight line speed I’m not sure if they are too fast or not. Instead of choosing any team I would prefer If you get contract offers from other teams and work to get to top team. I do remember one of f1 games this did happen.
  6. Anyone noticed if you or AI get one point for fastest lap ?
  7. Hill0

    Point for fastest lap?

    Thanks someone asked me on FB and I never looked
  8. Hill0

    F1 2019 straight line speed. ***?

    I agree with this post, AI are too quick in straight
  9. Hill0

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    I agree with this post, mid season transfers is just stupid, can understand end of season tho.
  10. Hill0

    AI differences too big?

    Something don’t seem right to me. I’ve had to turn down from 105 to 100. To me either AI are faster or traction is poor on player car. Just done China qualified last in Williams which is fine because lap times were close to team mate. Got in race and I couldn’t keep up especially in straights they seem much faster. I had to turn down again to level 95 in race just to keep up.
  11. I seem to be loosing traction coming out of slower corners and race starts, they pull away quick. Any advice will be great. I’ve tried different camber setting and downforce still not good. Thanks people 😊
  12. All seems good, finding traction a problem coming out of slower corners.
  13. Hill0

    AI Faster?

    In f1 17 I was on 105 difficulty and in 18 was using 18. F1 19 I’m no where near I’m now using 100, 101. Is AI faster ?
  14. Hill0

    Camber settings

    According to Lando Norris he says Camber settings are the wrong way round. So which way to put the bar for more camber? Slider to left or to right?
  15. Hill0

    Camber settings

    Thanks for your help. I think they need to scrap the car setup and put in one same as project racing etc.
  16. Hill0

    Lando Norris opinions on the game

    Trying to get my head round the camber. According to Lando it’s the wrong way round, does it mean if I put camber fully to the right that will be more camber ? Instead of fully to left
  17. Hill0


    Why do AI go super fast in Bahrain ? Every year it never gets fixed.
  18. Does anyone have wheel settings for T500rs I’m finding it unplayable at moment thanks. Do you know of codemasters fixed force feedback,? can’t feel the road just the force thanks.
  19. I’m really struggle with this game I can feel force but not force effects. I’m finding it un driveable don’t know if it’s because of my wheel settings t500rs
  20. Hill0

    Missing the snow

    Missing Monaco and Sweden events. No snow In this game.
  21. Hill0

    Arcade or sim?

    Played an hour of dirt 2.0, it’s not as good as Dirt. Feels very arcade and starting to feel disappointed.
  22. Hill0

    Great f1 game! :-)

    I've been playing f1 2014 for just over week. Great game! 
  23. Nothing wrong with AI tyre wear. Change car set up. Please don't patch tyre wear it's perfect 
  24. Hill0

    Please don't patch out the handling

    Handle is great, enjoying the game this year :-)