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  1. Exactly, mine usually stay in the purchased history too. but I can't figure out how to fix it, if it's fixable at all. 
  2. I purchased disk copy of DiRT 3 for Xbox 360 about 2 years ago. I used the redeem code for VIP Pass on my gamertag. I ended up selling my Xbox and games (including DiRT 3). I purchased a newer Xbox 360, and got DiRT 3 via Marketplace (Download Copy). I obviously don't have the redeem code, but I am using the same gamertag that I used to redeem the VIP Pass code. Is there a way to redownload the content without having to purchase the $9.99 DLC for it?  I checked my Purchase History and it doesn't show up there at all. When I go to Marketplace to view the DLC for the game, it shows up but s
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