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  1. AcidBurn247

    how about skip f1 2019 game ...

    Thanks for the Reply @mceci1 , but its not really concrete on anything other than your own observations , being put forward as facts. Lets rather just agree to disagree on this , ok ?
  2. AcidBurn247

    how about skip f1 2019 game ...

    What is your idea of "Very Few" in terms of the amount of people playing online. You seem to talk about it as if its a fact , please state where you get this information from . I only play online , and have found a huge community solely based on this Facet of the Game , with 24/7 Racing happening any day of the Week , Multiple High Level Leagues all over the world on each day of the week etc. etc.
  3. AcidBurn247

    F1 2019 Mulitplayer replay

    A much needed addition I will also vouch for this.
  4. AcidBurn247

    All Multiplayer down

    Thanks for the feedback. We had Guys testing and playing alot of other games in the Period of F1 2018 Downtime, and no other game was affected by this issue. Very curious what could have caused this ?
  5. AcidBurn247

    All Multiplayer down

    Yes , its on Playstation , and yes the above Poster has it spot on with the Error Code Received. Additional to the above , when you search for a Ranked Lobby , after failing to find one , the game then also freezes and you cannot back out of the Multiplayer screen and has to restart. When you go and create any form of Multiplayer with any variety of Settings , you either get the above Error Code, or will get the Lobby Created only to be Kicked out of your Own Created Lobby after a few Seconds with the message that the Lobby no Longer Exists. Some feedback on the Issue would be appreciated from Codemasters. @Faya , @jennyannem
  6. AcidBurn247

    All Multiplayer down

    Like the Title says , all forms of Multiplayer went down earlier today. Please assist , as it seems its all over the world whoever wants to access the Multiplayer side of the Game.