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  1. The Days of Having to Pay for Patches to the Console owners are long gone , so the only ones to blame for Slow patch releases are the Game Companies themselves. Although we have seen with other Games that Microsoft tend to take longer than the rest to approve the Patches.
  2. AcidBurn247

    Big changes needed.

    Really Nice Post and Thread, summarising the Needs of the Online No-Assist Community. The Problem I see here, is there is a Total lack of engagement from Codemaster Side. They have a Paid Representative on the Forums , which only function is to "Pass info onto the Team" Hence the endless cycle of wondering what is getting attention and what not is repeating itself, day after day.
  3. The are forced to only be Equal Performance.
  4. AcidBurn247

    Codemasters is just taking the Mickey now!

    Thanks Swift , I will try and see if this works as such. If Only Codemasters could have given more info on the new Feature, but as mentioned before, its left to the User to Trial and Error themselves. Gone are the days of Manuals , not even a .pdf.....
  5. AcidBurn247

    Voice Commands sometimes broken

    I have also found on the PS4 , that the Commands Sometimes doesnt get correctly recognised, or doesnt register at all.
  6. AcidBurn247

    Codemasters is just taking the Mickey now!

    I`m on PS4 , with a Normal Fixed League set up, (Not on Demand) The "Allow AI Substitions" Option is set to "Off" , but if you go and check the results of our first Test Race , the AI sits their in all their Glory on the Points Table... They Participated throughout the Race , from Qualies throughout. This is a Private Lobby , with F1 2019 Cars. Massive Issue for us , and probably the One that will block our League from being run on this Online System. Hoping this gets fixed asap , so that I can Start my Actuall League. Clearly a BUG. Give us more OPTIONS
  7. AcidBurn247

    Codemasters is just taking the Mickey now!

    In My League , it`s Set to OFF , but low and Behold they still turned out on the first Test Race and participated in all the Qualies and Race.
  8. Completely Agree with the Above Posts. If nothing is done about the Shortcomings in the League Feature , it will be a Massive dissapointment and wont be utilised by any of the Actual Leagues. I cannot let my Mid Week Racing League run under the forced conditions, what a Pity after all the Effort to get it to this point.
  9. AcidBurn247

    RANKED RACES - Setups not saving after Quali [ZX]

    The Setups Issue is also Happening on the PS4 , when Playing Online Private Leagues
  10. AcidBurn247

    F1 2019 – Leagues and the Super Licence

    I had my First Test Race on the New Online Lobby yesterday evening for Season 2 of the Mid Week Racing League I`m Hosting. I set the League up as a Private , so that we can Drive the Official Cars. I have a few observations and questions below that I would appreciate if it can be answered by either Codemaster or people in the know AI Substitutions are set to 'OFF" , but in the first Race they actually featured right through the Qualies and into the Race. This has to be a Bug and needs to be fixed. Lack of an option to have Reserve Drivers is a damper on the way I normally ran my League. Who is actually the Host in these Leagues , we could not see any indication who it is, nor is there a way to Set up your preference for this. Is it an Admin , First one into the Lobby , or what ? We need an Option for a Dedicated Spectator as an option when joining the Leagues. I was Fine as I`m the owner and not set as a Racer , but my Co-Commentator cannot be set up like that. I will now have to Manually Invite him each week so that he can Spectate and Commentate. We have had various different versions of the Saved Setups either being not able to be Loaded (dissapeared from the Saved Setups page) , or you end up with someone else`s Setup. Needs a Fix. Need to know until when League Members can Join the Race if they missed the initial Start of the Race. An Option to Still have Teams whilst Driving the MP Car would be highly appreciated. @Faya , some feedback would be highly appreciated , or point me to someone else who can assist.
  11. AcidBurn247

    Patch Notes for 1.04 – Discussion Thread

    Hoping they fix the issue of Setups Dissapearing when playing in the new Online Leagues. And maybe add the Option of having Reserve Drivers for the same new Leagues. And Dedicated Slots when Joining for the Spectators. And ability to delete a League. We should actually have a whole Sub Division on the Forum just for this new Section to explain how it works etc. Currently it feels that a Select few big Leagues (AOR/IRL?) have been privvy to how it all works, and then rest is left to their own devices to figure it out , hence the proliferation of "Test" League`s , but then one cannot delete them afterwards...
  12. AcidBurn247

    Random Setup after Qualifying

    We have also had it in our first Test Run on Unranked Lobby on Friday. Think its only in Unranked so far.
  13. AcidBurn247

    Leagues (suggestions, ideas)

    Oh Yes , Reserve Drivers a Must.
  14. Yes, otherwhise , what does the Game Use ?
  15. AcidBurn247

    Cockpit Cam vs TV Pod

    Wonder if they have included an Option to Force the Cockpit View in Multiplayer, as was requested earlier.