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  1. AcidBurn247

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Why limit the Custom Lobby hosts Options ? Thats why its Called "Custom Lobby" , so that we can customise to our liking
  2. AcidBurn247

    F1 2019 [Xbox One] Displaying wrong tyres on other cars

    I have a Youtube channel full of 3 x Seasons worth of videos of our Mid Week Racing League, I`m not going to sift through all of them to try and get to the footage. What I will do is when we restart our League tommorow evening , when we see it happening I will come here and give you the link to the video. I will ask around on our groups about if it only happens when spectating , from my experience I would say yes , but not 100 % sure on that.
  3. AcidBurn247

    F1 2019 [Xbox One] Displaying wrong tyres on other cars

    Hi There Sorry I made a Mistake in my Summary , the weather is actually set on Random , and NOT Custom.
  4. AcidBurn247

    F1 2019 [Xbox One] Displaying wrong tyres on other cars

    Hi Barry Is this format Better : Description of the problem: The wrong tyres were being displayed on the cars whilst spectating the Race Platform: Playstation Game version: Latest Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked Players: 20 players Lead up: Nothing specific , race is normal, people head into the pits and sometimes different tyres are on the Cars vs what the overlay is saying. Error code: None Accessoires: None Weather is set on Custom, Race Start Time is Official.
  5. AcidBurn247

    F1 2019 [Xbox One] Displaying wrong tyres on other cars

    We have had multiple instance in our Online League Races where the Wrong Tyres are displayed from a Spectator perspective after a Pit Stop. We have come to realise that the Overlay screen indicating the Tyres , is the correct one and not the actual view on screen. We have even had instances where two different compounds are shown on the same car whilst driving , but like mentioned before , after asking afterwards realised that the tyres shown on the side overlay is the only correct one.
  6. AcidBurn247

    Logitech G29 Wheel.mapping bug [R2]

    We have gone over this one a few times. They introduced the bug with one of the Patch Updates. I mentioned before, that they should just go back to the Patch Update that killed the Clockwise dial, and see why, but sadly, the focus is more on Halloween skins and Christmas Decorations
  7. AcidBurn247

    Wing changes

    Correct , on the normal FULL Damage , the very light green damaged Front Wing does NOT get changed even if Yes is selected. There was a video by Limitless also about a Month ago regarding this.
  8. AcidBurn247

    League in progress for 2weeks

    The lack of Options is blocking us from using it. We have a pool of 5 reserve Drivers to ensure we allways have a full lobby, the Online Lobbies doesnt have this Feature. When someone disconnects in the lobby last minute , or have some difficulties joining, we cannot pause the lobby , or restart , so cannot be used.
  9. AcidBurn247

    League in progress for 2weeks

    Just ignore the Online Leagues feature in the game, as its not working as intended. We figured that out after 3 x Test races at the launch of F1 2019 , no use trying to make it work if it doesnt.
  10. AcidBurn247

    Logitech G29 Wheel.mapping bug [R2]

    Its *Should* be simple to fix. Go back and look at the last patch when it still worked, and then check what was changed in the next patch that caused this. Maybe its not that simplistic, but being an engineer myself thats how I would have tried to fix this self introduced bug.
  11. AcidBurn247

    Discussion Thread for Patch Notes for 1.18

    Yeah , the Custom Camera Views Save option is a long awaited feature for our Cockpit racers , thanks alot for that.
  12. AcidBurn247

    New Developer Liaison

    Hi BarryBL !! Hope you can actually be of some use to us, we are all mostly hardcore No-Assist Racers , that have been with the franchise for a long time. But the current direction of Codemasters to favour Liveries and cosmetic mass appeal issues vs Core Game issues is driving everyone crazy and despondant. As mentioned before rather be frank and up front and state that X,Y,Z cannot be fixed in the current game, and most likely also not in the next , and will only be solved once a new Console with a New Game Engine is introduced.
  13. AcidBurn247

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Yeah , Winners use T-Cam , Med. Traction and Driving Line with ABS.... Then bombs us Wheel Cockpit drivers by 2 seconds a lap , and feel great about themselves.
  14. AcidBurn247

    League in progress for 2weeks

    Happened to My Online League as well before, another Shining example of why the Online Leagues function is not preferred, along with all the other known reasons.
  15. AcidBurn247

    F1 2019 “Development“ Copy and Paste

    They build one engine ie Game for a Console Lifetime , and then each year just spice up the look a bit and throw in a few new extras. Thats why most of the remaining Bugs, has been brought across 4 Generations of the Game, as they are using the same Engine.