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  1. AcidBurn247

    Next patch

    Please fix the Missing Sound Issue as well.
  2. AcidBurn247

    Suggestion, restrict cockpit view

    Yeah , Cockpit View for Serious Racers, changed my view back to T-Cam the other day as I was struggling to see some meterage boards , and I couldnt believe how much easier and faster T-Cam is . But I refuse to race with it as I dont want to feel I`m participating with the cheating , just for the sake of being faster. A real and Proper Assist.
  3. AcidBurn247

    Suggestion, restrict cockpit view

    Long overdue requested feature , for some reason not implemented.
  4. AcidBurn247

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    For the last Month since Patch 1.07, we have our Playstation 4 League Races run with Full Qualification. About 2-3 out of the field of 20 Drivers will have this glitch , where you lose almost all Sound. Mine is just environmental Sounds the last one, other times think you could also hear crowds and Mechanics. It Starts at the beginning of a New Session of Qualifying , so you could be fine in Q1 , and at the Start of Q2 your Stuffed , only to be fixed up again in Q3. The only fix we have for this is to Quit the game as soon as the No Sound Bug Strikes, and then re-enter the Lobby , Voila Sound Fixed.
  5. 25 % Ranked Races for Playstation for someoene with a S Ranking is dead. I have tried for the last few weeks, and cannot find anyone to Race against.
  6. AcidBurn247

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    I can now also confirm that the Red Rotary Dial on the Logitech G29 Wheel doesnt work in the Clockwise Direction after the 1.09 Update. The Anti-Clockwise and the centre button on this red dial is still working.
  7. Our Scenario Yesterday evening League Racing at Abu Dhabi: Played a Custom Lobby 50 % Race with Full Qualification on PS 4 for our League. The Host lost connection in Q1 (My Co-commentator, but never dropped from the Party Chat) , and the host was subsequently bounced to someone else. The rest of the Qualies proceeded as normal , and then the Formation Lap also took place with no Issues. BUT , as everyone parked off the cars in formation on the grid , there was a pause, and then everyone showed as ready on the player list on the side except on guy with the swirling circle next to his name. We confirmed with him, that on his view he sat ready willing and able to race on the Track. I`m guessing he was the lucky fellow that the hosting rights fell to , and then something went wrong with his connection and then the whole 20 Car Lobby was stuck in Limbo. He doesnt have a very strong connection himself , (8Mb ADSL Line) , it would actually be very helpfull if we can manually chose who the fallback host of a Lobby can be, as its defnitly not the player that joins first upon Lobby Setup , neither is it the guy with the fastest connection. After 5 minutes of the issue not resolving , we backed out by Quitting the game and made up a Custom Grid. The above Reset and Custom Grid Solution cannot be done with Online League Lobbies, yet another reason why we dont run our Leagues on it.
  8. AcidBurn247

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    We had major issues with the Online League Racing Setup : First 3 TEST Races went perfectly. Then we voted on a Postponement of the next 3 races , so that the "REAL" Online League Races can start on the same time and day as the originial TEST Races. All went well with the moving of the TEST Dates , until the next week when the Official Online League was supposed to start, and we had the TEST League being indefinately open, never closing , and thats when the problems in the Official Online League also started. Some guys couldnt join. Me as the League Owner and dedicated Non Driving Spectator , got into the Lobby , started inviting a few drivers as a reminder, and next thing found myself outside the Lobby with no way back in, with the message "Available Spectators Slots already taken" being displayed each time I tried to get back in. The drivers that could get into the Lobby confirmed that only my Co-Commentator was inside the Lobby marked as a Spectator. We eventually gave up on the Online League Feature, as there is no way to Pause/Save/Reset/Restart the Race if guys cannot join or gets dropped out of the Lobby, or the usual mass disconnect happens now and again. Only recourse is abandoning the Race as their is no reset/restart option. I had to eventually 3 weeks down the Line get every guy to leave the Test Lobby so that I could close it down, all the while it was still stuck in a perpetual OPEN state...... A nice idea, but for Serious Leagues currently not a Viable Option as there is not enough flexibility and Options available to League Owners/operators.
  9. AcidBurn247

    F1 ranked

    25 % Ranked Lobbies are dead ducks, I have tried now for two weeks every now and again , unable to find more than 2 Drivers in a Lobby. So much for my Silver Skill S Rank....
  10. AcidBurn247

    Strange audio glitch, anyone else have it?

    On Multiplayer Playstation you dont have Alt-Tab... So currently no known way to get sound back , other than waiting for the next session to start.
  11. AcidBurn247

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    It has allways been mentioned and known that the pad had a built in Traction Control , not alot , but just enough. Means better acceleration. Even Limitless in his videos have confirmed this.
  12. AcidBurn247

    Strange audio glitch, anyone else have it?

    Myself and a few other of my fellow Online League Races have also encountered this Bug , happens in the Qualification Stages of the Race, and upon moving to the next stage it fixes itself. We are on PS4 , but some on G29, some on Pads etc.
  13. AcidBurn247

    Jeff turns into an american 😂

    I had it in my Online League Race Friday evening at Singapore. Qualie No. 2 , I had no Sound whatsover. Qualie No. 3 , sound was back and I ended P6. But come Race Time, I had this weird voice in my ear , always adressing everyone as she.....
  14. AcidBurn247

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    Yes , this also started happening in our Online Custom Lobby League last week after the 1.07 Update. Random guys loses all engine sound, and cannot get it back until the next Qualification Q1/Q2/Q3 starts. One guy swears he got it back by fiddling with his Sound options and then backing out. All on PS4