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  1. AcidBurn247

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    So in essence, Console Owners are stuffed here ?
  2. AcidBurn247

    Safety car

    But didnt you know, that radio silence makes the problems go away. They teach you that in your first year of Computer Programming 101
  3. AcidBurn247

    Race footage getting copyrighted

    Yeah, it keeps on Happening , our Mid Week Racing Stream got taken off on Tuesday evening, and the Footage Cited was from the view of one driver following the driver in front of him ??? Really dissapointing.
  4. AcidBurn247

    Singapore Turn 14 Wall Glitch

    Yeap , at Singapore and Wall of Champions at Canada this can happen if the Wall took some beating from an impact.
  5. AcidBurn247

    Logitech G29 Wheel.mapping bug [R2]

    Yeap , really thought that they would have fixed this one they created. All I see with each patch , is more Stuff to Buy...
  6. AcidBurn247

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Pay Pay Pay , thats the Focus !!!
  7. Yeah , its enabled for a Mode that it will never happen because of the Assistance given....
  8. AcidBurn247

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    In League Racing on the PS4 , regardless of the Race Settings or Assists used, it very rarely comes out. I would guess in our 3 x Leagues , about once every 10 Races. Bear in mind we have multiple Dangerous DNF`s per Race , with the SC nowhere to be seen.
  9. AcidBurn247

    Ranked Multiplayer revival

    Yeap , I now officially only Race in Unranked. Been retired with my nice shiny S Rank..
  10. AcidBurn247

    [PS4][MULTIPLAYER] League not ending

    Hi @RedDevilKT Thanks , but I eventually out of desperation got everyone to exit the Leagues and abandoned them in the state they were in. Unfortunately, the Current Well Documented Constraints with the Online League System means its a Good idea, but not used by any of the more Serious Leagues. Until they are fixed and more flexibility is introduced to League Owners, it will stay un-used.
  11. AcidBurn247

    [PS4][MULTIPLAYER] League not ending

    @RedDevilKT Mid Week Racing Test and Mid Week Racing
  12. AcidBurn247

    Tutorials from CM not just from players

    Would be nice if there is a Dedicated Section on this Forum, where those Tutorials can be downloaded as a .pdf by us for Safekeeping and future referral.
  13. AcidBurn247

    How long before sound bug is fixed🤬

    I`ve become an Expert now in Qualifying without any Sounds....
  14. AcidBurn247

    [PS4][MULTIPLAYER] League not ending

    We had that as well with our Online League, yet another reason why our League ditched the Whole Online League system thing.
  15. AcidBurn247

    Logitech G29 Wheel.mapping bug [R2]

    Lets Hope Codemasters can fix this one they created, so that the Clockwise dial can start working again.