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  1. Safety Car is the Nemesis of CM , so they steer clear of this beast at all costs.
  2. SpringbokGamer

    SAAOLR Club Championship

    @PJTierney , I can confirm , its all fixed up ! Tell your expert , the South African okes sends their Huge thanks to him and yourself !!!
  3. SpringbokGamer

    SAAOLR Club Championship

    Championship 2 ended Wednesday 22 July at 06:00 AM Championship 3 started Thursday 23 July at 10:30 AM See underneath was our Final Standings for Championship No. 2 Now if I go into the Championship Standings again , you will notice it has overwritten Rally No. 1 and 2 results with the new Rally results, whilst keeping the rest of Championship 2 points intact. So seemingly later today when Rally No. 3 concludes, it will then overwrite No 3 results. Somehow it didnt roll over , please assist @PJTierney
  4. SpringbokGamer

    SAAOLR Club Championship

    @PJTierney , any feedback yet ?
  5. SpringbokGamer

    Safety Car broken game

    Well , I only Race Online . There the Safety Car comes out as intended, but doesnt follow all the rules correctly.
  6. SpringbokGamer

    Safety Car broken game

    Yeah , the Old Safety Car issues. The Boogeyman in Codemasters Closet.
  7. SpringbokGamer

    SAAOLR Club Championship

    Sure : Above is the Current 3rd Championship we are in for the Club. Below is the Championship Standings , showing 2nd Championship , with the 2? (11 and 12) extra Rally that never happened. So Current 3rd Championship is not recorded anywhere Here is the results of Event No 3 in the 3rd Championship so far, so its recording the actual Rally results, but then not pulling it through to a Championship Table And the URL : https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/315810 Hope you can assist.
  8. SpringbokGamer

    SAAOLR Club Championship

    @PJTierney , not sure if you missed my Message above. Can you look into it and revert back. On the 2nd Season , there was only 10 Rally`s , but the Championship Standings is now displaying 12 , but says its finished .... But still it doesnt want to roll over and start counting Season 3 Results ?
  9. SpringbokGamer

    SAAOLR Club Championship

    @PJTierney Can you please have a Look at our Club , we have started Championship No. 3 , but the Dirtrally2.dirtgame that keeps track of everything is still showing the result of Cahmpionship No. 2 We have completed (2) Rallies so far in Championship No. 3 , with all the individual Rally Results reflecting , but if you want to check to Championship results, it only Shows No . 1 and 2. Please advise ?
  10. SpringbokGamer

    How's that working out for you right now?

    We also could not start our (2) Leagues yesterday because of the Same Errors . Havent seen ANY Official Reply from Codemasters on this, really dissapointed. @BarryBL , could you perhaps shed some light on what has transpired yesterday evening from around 19:00 onwards .
  11. We have had it now twice in our League Races, where someone with a slightly dodgy Internet Connection , holds up the whole lobby , you can see it by the circle spinning next to his name. The game will indefinatly be stuck in this loop, until the "Problem" Player leaves the Lobby. This only happens at the Transition Point , between Qualies and Formation Lap , and also when finishing your Strategy in MP whilst being parked on the Grid.
  12. SpringbokGamer

    Unrealistic and annoying throttle application

    I have a G29 , driving No Assists since 2017. Medium and High Speed is now wonderfully Planted. Low Speed Corners are for me slightly more slippery on accelaration , to the Point where I eventually gave in and increased my Throttle Linearity to 16 to compensate for this. Most surely not imaging thing, as we have the Luxury to jump back and forth between 2019 and 2020 on the same car and Track and check the differences. Would like for a Little bit more planted feel in Low Speed Corners, if possible.
  13. SpringbokGamer

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    Might be included in the ALLWAYS Present obligatory , "Various Other Bugs and Stability Fixes Line" Like its too much effort to actually Type out the Fixes done ?
  14. SpringbokGamer

    Safety Car not allowing lapped drivers to overtake

    I would love to hear it from @BarryBL , as essentially the game NEVER allows it. I havent heard that its optional in real F1