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  1. All good , thanks @PJTierney , "the Fix" seems to happen Quicker each time ! 🙂
  2. @PJTierney , We started our next Championship off SAAOLR RALLY 2 weeks ago, and sure as hell , same thing happening yet again. It doesnt create a new Points Table, but just start overwriting standings over previous seasons results. Can you please ping "the Network Guy" again and ask for the fix URL : https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/354317
  3. Hey @PJTierney , had a Look , all Fixed now. Send my thanks to the Expert again , dont know why this keeps happening, but at least seems quick to fix.
  4. @PJTierney , Hi Hope your Well in the new year !! We are having exactly the same problem with our new Club , SAAOLR Rally. URL : https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/354317 We started our 2nd Championship last Week Friday 22 January , and the First Rally at Spain Concluded yesterday evening 23:45 as per below screenshot. When we went to look at the Championship Standings page , it still Shows Championship No. 1 Results, but it now inserts Rally No. 1 of Season 2 into the Season 1 Rally No. 1 Column, also those that didnt even race Season 2 retains
  5. @PJTierney , I can confirm , its all fixed up ! Tell your expert , the South African okes sends their Huge thanks to him and yourself !!!
  6. Championship 2 ended Wednesday 22 July at 06:00 AM Championship 3 started Thursday 23 July at 10:30 AM See underneath was our Final Standings for Championship No. 2 Now if I go into the Championship Standings again , you will notice it has overwritten Rally No. 1 and 2 results with the new Rally results, whilst keeping the rest of Championship 2 points intact. So seemingly later today when Rally No. 3 concludes, it will then overwrite No 3 results. Somehow it didnt roll over , please assist @PJTierney
  7. Sure : Above is the Current 3rd Championship we are in for the Club. Below is the Championship Standings , showing 2nd Championship , with the 2? (11 and 12) extra Rally that never happened. So Current 3rd Championship is not recorded anywhere Here is the results of Event No 3 in the 3rd Championship so far, so its recording the actual Rally results, but then not pulling it through to a Championship Table And the URL : https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/315810 Hope you can assist.
  8. @PJTierney , not sure if you missed my Message above. Can you look into it and revert back. On the 2nd Season , there was only 10 Rally`s , but the Championship Standings is now displaying 12 , but says its finished .... But still it doesnt want to roll over and start counting Season 3 Results ?
  9. @PJTierney Can you please have a Look at our Club , we have started Championship No. 3 , but the Dirtrally2.dirtgame that keeps track of everything is still showing the result of Cahmpionship No. 2 We have completed (2) Rallies so far in Championship No. 3 , with all the individual Rally Results reflecting , but if you want to check to Championship results, it only Shows No . 1 and 2. Please advise ?
  10. Sadly , for some very odd reason , the Codemasters Developers are not interested in fixing this obvious issue. I proposed that a local encrypted Save File be created by the Game if it cannot upload to the Server , and then when a connnection can be re-established, it uploads and life goes on. But it seems to be an impossible mountain to climb out for the Studio...
  11. Dirt 2.0 beats F1 Force Feedback by a Country mile. My G29 allways with F1 just seems like a gear is stripping inside the housing when gravel/curbs etc. etc is touched. But in Dirt 2.0 , boy o Boy, waaayy different and better. I`ve never heard that gear scratching sound inside the wheel again , all feedback goes to the steering wheel. Absolutely Brilliant !!!
  12. Why limit the Custom Lobby hosts Options ? Thats why its Called "Custom Lobby" , so that we can customise to our liking
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