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  1. Hi there @PJTierney I saw a Notification of a Url change yesterday , cannot find it today. I can also not get into the Dirt Rally normal Url page, it loads indefinitly and never re-directs to the new url Please assist.
  2. SpringbokGamer

    Dirt 2.0 URL Change

    Thanks , sorted all good now.
  3. SpringbokGamer

    Nasty hard Ice snow rain storm.

    I have had it once in my 3 Month Dirt 2.0 Career so far, happened in a Rain Stage in Australia. That and the Disconnection issue not reconnecting to me is the only two bigger issues the game still sits with. Luckily the rain one is few and far between.
  4. SpringbokGamer

    F1 2020 Lapped cars on SC-conditions

    Its a Well known Issue with the Safety Car , and I`m really hoping it gets fixed.
  5. SpringbokGamer

    Display suggested gear in cockpit view

    Would also be nice to see the actual Rev Counter in Cockpit View , instead of the Green Lights only. How do you know where is the Magical 10800 RPM Mark on the lights for a good pull away in Cockpit view ?
  6. SpringbokGamer

    I cant buy some cars

    You need to go and buy them all in the Store , at no charge. Takes an age, but thats the way to get them for free with your year pass.
  7. SpringbokGamer

    DIRT Rally 2.0 future(Last) DLC support.

    Hoping the disconnecting from server issue is sorted in one of those small Patches , as its one of the biggest issues still remaining with the game. Sadly, from the feedback I get from @PJTierney , the feeling is that the team have given up on finding a solution to this, and we will be stuck with this issue for the next 3 years... Depressing to say the least, when there is allways a % of your Club Drivers that can complain that their Weekly Club Rally was ended not by themselves, but by Codemasters..
  8. Sadly , for some very odd reason , the Codemasters Developers are not interested in fixing this obvious issue. I proposed that a local encrypted Save File be created by the Game if it cannot upload to the Server , and then when a connnection can be re-established, it uploads and life goes on. But it seems to be an impossible mountain to climb out for the Studio...
  9. Apparently, the will to fix it, is non existent.
  10. SpringbokGamer

    Disconnecting Issues in Club Events

    @PJTierney , should I leave the above as not being looked at , or will the team entertain slight tweaks ?
  11. Hi There We are running Two South African Clubs for Rally Events. We have had members thats Stage Time`s didnt want to upload to the Online Servers, even myself had it happen to me once. Why can a log file not be kept on the members Playstation of the Stage result, until the next time the game can succesfully connect to the Server ?? Why does the game add either 15 Minutes or 20 minutes, depending on stage length to the poor okes time , where everyone else`s average Stage time was around 5 minutes ? Surely take at least the average/slowest okes time at least , and NOT a ridiculous time like 15 Minutes . Basically , when this connection issue happens , your rally aspirations for the Current event is gone, through no fault of your own. @PJTierney , I`m sure this has been brought up before, but would just like some feedback regarding this, as other than this and the White Rain issue, we are all Loving this Game alot !!!
  12. SpringbokGamer

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Dirt 2.0 beats F1 Force Feedback by a Country mile. My G29 allways with F1 just seems like a gear is stripping inside the housing when gravel/curbs etc. etc is touched. But in Dirt 2.0 , boy o Boy, waaayy different and better. I`ve never heard that gear scratching sound inside the wheel again , all feedback goes to the steering wheel. Absolutely Brilliant !!!
  13. SpringbokGamer

    Disconnecting Issues in Club Events

    Hi PJ Many Thanks for the Prompt reply. I would think/request that the team re-look at my proposal , I know some okes have expressed the reason might be that the Log file can be edited, but surely if its encrypted that cannot happen On the default 15 Minute allocation , surely there must be a better way of working out some Time for the poor oke ? Average Stage time at that point, and it can be adjusted to the final average time once the event is over , or 1 sec slower than the last finisher when all the data is in at the end of the Club event. Blanket allocation of 15/20 minutes just seems like a shortcut way to get something out in a hurry, with the constant being some okes will in every club event encounter this, a better way to mitigate it must be looked at.
  14. No way to make this work for Console Users ?
  15. No worries. Once it re-surfaces , I will try and post a link .
  16. I did a search , and unfortunatly cannot find anything on this yet. Hoping somene else will find the tidbit , could have been Twitter I cannot remember. Went something along the lines of the Drivers being Warned to behave as they still represent Williams, even if in Online Guise.
  17. Dont know about Codemasters, but Williams did mute their drivers.
  18. SpringbokGamer

    Confirmation on wheel brake vibration

    Which should not be like that , and needs to be looked at.
  19. SpringbokGamer

    Next gen to Close the gap between wheel v pad

    Problem is the Kiddies cannot buy Wheels yet , but want to be as fast as the Adults , with Drivers Licences and Wheels.... So CM Listens to the Kiddies, because they are the most that buys the game apparently.
  20. SpringbokGamer

    Is F1 esports Ready?

    Yes agreed !!
  21. SpringbokGamer

    F1 2020 interview with Lee Mather

    With even More Assists Options , (which I understand for the new Drivers out there) it just become more imperative to SPLIT to Leaderboards and Lobbys. Because currently , you have the situation where the Best Drivers in the World, will still run some Assist combo that doesnt slow them down at all , and makes them more consistent and easier to drive. This means they are winning the battle, but should not even be in the same Lobby/Leaderboard as the other bloke slugging it out with everything OFF , MAX Difficulty enabled. If you want to have all abilities and Assists in the same Lobbies and Leaderboards , then some sort of a Handicap system like gholf should be applicable,
  22. SpringbokGamer

    Please add more info on the steering wheel screen [R2]

    Hell , Adding the bloody rev. counter display somewhere on the Wheel Display in Cockpit would help my Pull Away problems at the Start of the Race at least. All these Youtubers saying , keep it at 11000rpm on the Pull Away . How the Hell to do that in Cockpit View ? And another question : Is there any way for myself to know what my OWN Penalty Count is , as currently I can only get info from Driver in front and behind.
  23. SpringbokGamer

    F1® 2020 | Zandvoort Hotlap

    Adding the bloody rev. counter display somewhere on the Wheel Display in Cockpit would help my Pull Away problems at the Start of the Race.
  24. SpringbokGamer

    My thoughts on p2p in F1 2019

    Then time for a Standalone , Online Only Season Pass version , where you just renew your yearly subscription ?
  25. SpringbokGamer

    League Incidents Review

    Imagine if League Owners can get a Downloadable Option of the Incidents and Final Results, so that the Final Times are editable after nonsense time sanctions are removed.