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  1. Codemasters only wants to sell... well would you look at this conversation where someone can’t even play the game normally anymore. Now who where defending Codies in this thread?
  2. I know, that’s why I installed F1 2019 again.
  3. Useful feedback, alright then. Think I will be person Nr. 2570 that will complain about Multiplayer lobbies being glitched out more often then not.
  4. You can’t deny that on social media Codies won’t win the award for helping their community. Don’t know about the forum, as I’ve only posted a few times before.
  5. I love it how people think people who criticize a certain thing are angry. The game could’ve been a lot better and that’s just a fact. For me and many others that share that opinion, Codies have had enough tries at making a mostly bug free game but seeing that certain bugs have been around for a very long time I don’t think they can.
  6. Oh no, I don’t get one bit angry about this. But this does confirm that for next years edition I’ll at least wait until sale to buy the game
  7. You know as well that the F1 gaming franchise could be so much more!
  8. We’ve literally had 6 races? How much data do you need or how much times you need to see to come to the simple conclusion that Ferrari’s engine isn’t the fastest. And I could’ve bet €1000 on it that someone would say that it is ‘because of covid’...
  9. The title sums it up, how long do we need to wait for performance updates that will change Ferrari and their OP engine in-game. Make RP and Mclaren the teams ahead of Ferrari. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the performance update wouldn’t even come at all. As well that the only replies will be because of the covid pandemic but yeah that excuse isn’t going to cut it and you all know that. We pay a lot for these games and right now after quite some time post launch we still have a inaccurate, buggy/glitched game that needs a lot of updates yet we don’t get any.
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