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  1. JR6492

    F1 Equal Cars in Grand Prix and Time Trial

    It’s been asked several times before..
  2. JR6492

    steering wheel better on f1 2018 or 19

    Feeling is much better I find, though I find it takes some getting used to
  3. Any idea what the additional support for Fanatec wheels is?? would be interested in knowing but haven’t seen any response in the thread other than acknowledging an issue with the dd1 wheel..
  4. JR6492

    FFB Less In Online

    Think you’re right on that but for me the FFB feels different in each game mode. different in TT, GP and online. Though online feels the floatiest
  5. I have CSL elite with F1 rim for me the FFB is night and day with 18. think FFB is very poor in 18 compared to 19. I get a much better idea of what the car is actually doing than before. You can tell they’ve done a lot of work on it. Finding it much easier to catch slides and I think there’s been an improvement on ffb in the wet. Found it undriveable almost previously. In 19 you can actually feel the limits of the grip.