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  1. JR6492

    F1 Equal Cars in Grand Prix and Time Trial

    It’s been asked several times before..
  2. JR6492

    steering wheel better on f1 2018 or 19

    Feeling is much better I find, though I find it takes some getting used to
  3. Any idea what the additional support for Fanatec wheels is?? would be interested in knowing but haven’t seen any response in the thread other than acknowledging an issue with the dd1 wheel..
  4. JR6492

    FFB Less In Online

    Think you’re right on that but for me the FFB feels different in each game mode. different in TT, GP and online. Though online feels the floatiest
  5. JR6492

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    Yes but taking into account the expected loss in downforce, it’s reasonable that it isn’t flat out in game at the moment.
  6. JR6492

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    The British Gp literally happened on Sunday, how do you expect CM to know how the cars are going to handle before the races and practice sessions? I’m sure this patch has been in the works since release. Also I doubt the teams are qeueing up to give away their simulator data.
  7. JR6492

    F1 2019 Online Weekly Events

    The concept of the weekly event is great. But the standard of driving is awful, had two attempts punted off track 2-3 times in each and was very lucky not to get collected in other incidents. i didn’t look at the lobby settings but it looks like ghosting is turned off which is not ideal when you have cars sideways on track all over the place.
  8. JR6492

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    @Naeemali007 maybe you need to mess around with your wheel settings. i have a fanatec aswell and it’s definitely an improvement in my opinion.
  9. JR6492

    enhanced understeer on or off?

    I have it off. think it depends on what kind of wheel you have when I was using a g29 I was kind of switching between on or off couldn’t make my mind up which felt better, but with a better wheel it’s more of an annoyance having it on. Feels so unnatural
  10. I have CSL elite with F1 rim for me the FFB is night and day with 18. think FFB is very poor in 18 compared to 19. I get a much better idea of what the car is actually doing than before. You can tell they’ve done a lot of work on it. Finding it much easier to catch slides and I think there’s been an improvement on ffb in the wet. Found it undriveable almost previously. In 19 you can actually feel the limits of the grip.
  11. JR6492

    For all you no assists players....

    Maybe try dropping one assist at a time. Instead of making it a completely frustrating task for yourself. First one I’d drop would be TC just don’t mash R2 on your way out of a corner press it gradually, you’ll get used to it. Short shifting out of corners helps a lot aswell. You should feel a rumble in the pad anyway when you’re starting to lose grip. Setting your on-throttle differential to the lowest setting (50%) helps a lot aswell in terms of spinning out. As for ABS, you need to play around with the brake bias for me 60% (default) it’s too easy to lock the fronts and 50% makes it too easy to lock the rears ( you’ll know this is happening as the back end starts sliding under braking). So I use 55% most of the time but I think it’s down to personal preference. As for actually braking you need to apply 100% brake pressure (fully press down L2) and gradually ease off it as you begin to turn. There’ll be a rumble in the controller aswell to let you know when you’re starting to lock up, so ease off when you feel that. A good place to practice both of these actually is the hairpin at the end of the back straight in China. Also I’m not sure what gears you are you using but FYI No TC will but much easier if you’re used to manual gears.
  12. This discussion is had literally every year. From looking at my friends list on TT the assist users that were quick in 18 are still pretty quick this year. I don’t use assists and am still getting used to the handling model but the assist users that were quicker than me last year are still quicker than me now so can’t be that big of an issue. im not the quickest but not terribly slow either TT times in 18 were around top 5% for most tracks.
  13. Welcome to the gaming industry.
  14. Yeah I got that was racing in China started dry then was wet with about 10-11 laps to go. Think I was running in 7th-8th in an Alpha Romeo after the rain ended up finishing P4 ahead of Bottas on the last lap. had got up to 5th easy enough and ended closing a huge gap to Bottas over 5-6 laps from what I can tell the A.I. are losing a lot of time on corner exit in the wet. A.I. Was set to 101