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  1. coachcroww

    Xbox update

    @barrybl at the price point for the early release and to still have a buggy game, you’re gunna get upset people. Easy solution, beta test better and release a working game and you won’t have people shouting in your forums. We’re talking about years of frustrations from your customers in this regard. Make a working game, have pleased customers. It’s a simple business technique I’m worried the codies have abandoned in search of accolades, esports acclaim and the all mighty dollar.
  2. coachcroww

    Xbox update

    @BarryBLwith all due respect. Some of us spent $70 for a July 7th release and still can’t truly enjoy the game because of bugs ruining immersion. As much as I enjoy the game And improvements, paying (In some cases) extra to beta test will frustrate people including me. I respect what codies do and understand the circumstances in the world have created problems, but empathize with people, dont intimidate. He wants the update. If you know things are slower on Xbox side, why not propose patches earlier than other consoles so it syncs up? There are solutions here that I feel like as a fan base you guys arnt focusing on but care more about online play and your esports brand.
  3. coachcroww

    Xbox update

    @BarryBL was kind of a jerk in this thread to sennaking. relax buddy and fix your game. No need to “warn” people or say their conduct in intolerable just because they want the game they paid X amount of money to work.
  4. 50% on Xbox and crossed finish line in P11 at Bahrain on Myteam. Ocon was a consistent P8. But I was awarded 10th and Ocon listed as 21 one lap down. Did the replay and he indeed crossed line at P8. No DSQ mention by race director. Very odd. Feels like a cheap first point in Myteam.