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    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    Yh I understand him, I just don't understand his problem lol. AI is a nonsense..... agree 100%
  2. Ree101

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    So what exactly are you saying there? I don't understand what your problem is lmao.
  3. Ree101

    New projects, some ideas for Codemasters.

    Aside from being free and online only it sounds just like Project Cars. Ian Bell totally nailed the online for those games !
  4. Firstly thanks for the information, very much appreciated. However, I fear the multiplayer needs more than a few tweaks. As a minimum the AI need to be removed (the vast majority of people don't want them). We also need a way of creating open lobbys and the ability to chose what car class we race in quickmatch. A multiplayer like that in Grid Autosport would be ideal for me.
  5. Ree101

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    I definitely read it somewhere but can't remember where. The original Grid has a huge number of fans and many people want a remastered version. It's fact and the results of this poll backs that up.
  6. Ree101

    Codemasters Fix the slow AI issues

    And remove them from multiplayer while you're at it lol
  7. Ree101

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    Sorry Codemasters but multiplayer is extremely disappointing.... Why are AI in quickmatch? Why is there no online system like in Grid Autosport? Why are custom lobbys Friends or Invite only? Why is there no option that allows anyone to join? This is a huge step backwards. Words fail me tbh. £75 wasted.
  8. The vast majority of online players, in fact all of them that I've spoken too, are saying the same. Everyone is seriously disappointed with multiplayer. And no word from Codemasters as to whether they can do anything to salvage it. Grid Autosport's multiplayer was great fun. I was expecting the same for this but alas is wasn't to be. It's a real shame.
  9. Ree101

    Multiplayer modes

    Yh, 100% agree.... imo the AI have no place in multiplayer. The game needs a public lobby system with the option to have AI for those who want them. Multiplayer is a big disappointment to me. On a positive note though after years of buying games with serious bugs on launch, I haven't come across any software issues as yet which is refreshing. A big thumbs up to Codemasters for that. I'm hopeful that if multiplayer gets a revamp we will have an awesome game.
  10. Ree101

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    A complete revamp of multiplayer please.
  11. Ree101


    I'm very disappointed with multiplayer. Feels like it was an after thought. And what's with the AI in quickmatch? They are really poor and just get in the way of real racing with real people. If I wanted to race against AI I'd go into single player and do it. Sorry Codemasters... I don't mean to come across as rude, I'm a big Grid fan, but multiplayer needs some TLC. The Grid Autosport multiplayer was fantasti, can we please have it back?