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  1. we race with the setting all car the same .the thing is : CM all ready made good assist on the game before: with some assists the padmen was in the same lap time ,we could make the race more fair ,,i know also for some gamers who dont play f1 race or not frequently it's a good thing to have this setting it's make the game more playable , but they forgot the old players who take that more seriously. they can mixt the old assists with the newone so every bodys happy, two or three programming lines that all ready exist .the engine is the same it will change on ps4: f1 2015... excuse me for my wri
  2. the guys with pads in our gang dont want to win races like this ,they're is no chalenge for them,no battle on track or on the start,they are proud fighters and they where  fast on the other f1 game before. they run in the front pack more than in the back .there no fun for them to run alone in front ,like every drivers who ride for good battle till the end,
  3. the ting is that ,we can get only wheeldriver, but some of our old friends have pads and are competitive even with they,re pads and make great races, they wins races many many times they are very good and clean drivers,some of them run no assists like the wheel mens,but now with this last for ever game it's just unfair even the middle guys who fight with me  for 2-3 years get rocketed to the top with almos  a lap a head over a full race no assists. we don't whant to get them out of our races because we know they are good, some better ,to race with us .it's just we are not fast enough
  4. i don'T know ,we play f1 2013 almost every night sinse the game get out (with no cd...), with 11 -12 guys ,we made championships 100% long ,only with abs and traction control for the padmens ,3 guys running with pads ,one guys do my time on track 6 or 7 spot,but the other two guys are just rockets , faster as guys running fanatec and those guys are very fast. but on this game the assists are still on even when you put it off,where the padmens can win a race, with one or two sec at the end over wheelmens, now they put more then 45sec on a 100% race ... when you get about 1/2 or 3/4 of a curve&n
  5. wen we want to play with no assist, i think that is with no assit at all for everyone like the real f1 car for real f1 simudrivers.
  6. Like  i said in the general discussion , i love the game the power of the car ,i love almos everything ,but the domination of the joystick is unfair for wheel driver like me ,we played the other versions of the game 2011 to 2013 and the guys with joysticks was as fast as me ,but now they are 19 sec faster in a 25% race with no assit and 28 sec with assist , for guys like me who put some $$ in racing wheel kit we are desapointed in the arcade game they give us. Event the rocket guys who play for many years now, with steering wheel,get pass by the (joystick guys). i hope that code master wi
  7. I love the game ,the power of the car,but the domination of the joystick is just unfair ,in the other vesions 2011-2013 the sames joysticks mens were the same caliber as me and now in this version they put me back 19 sec in a 25% race(whit no assist) and almost 28 sec (whit assit) i hope that codemasters will put an eye on this aberation for guys like me who put somme $$ in wheel kit and hope  to run a more realistic simulation game for the price of thegame we expect more.
  8. J'adore le jeu la machine est puissante le feeling de la conduite NO:1, le gros probleme dans notre ligue, est la surpuissance des manettes vs les volants ,sans les aides les manettes nous devances de plusieurs secondes et les gars au volant sont déjà super rapide pour les moyen comme moi qui se pratique comme un malade je trouve ça vraiment désolant en sachant que dans les versions 2010 à 2013 les gars a manette étaient de mon calibre.J'espère que codemasters prendront le temps de voir à cette injustice par rapport a tous ceux qui ont investi dans des kit de volant assez dipendieux.
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